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Universal Hitchlock Trailer Anti-Theft Trailer Hitch Coupling Lock Tow Ball Lock Caravan Lock

Trailer hitch lock keeps vehicle and trailer connected and helps prevent theft of the hitch.
Car anti theft device covers key slot prevents dust and corrosion in the locking mechanism.
Trailer hitch is easy to install with coming four components, including the lock and keys.
Trailer locks ball hitch is made of premium zinc-alloy material, fitting for all popular trailer couplings.
Lock for trailer hitch expands and locks inside the coupling of your trailer preventing the trailer from being connected to a Towball.

Trailer hitch lock can prevent the trailer Coupling Lock from being stolen by keeping the vehicle and trailer connected. This Coupling Lock is made of premium zinc-alloy material, Coupling Lock fitting for all popular trailer couplings. If you have any concerns about this hitch lock, please feel free to contact us.
Color: Silver
Coupling Lock Shank Length: 68mm
Overall length: 149mm
Overall diameter: 30mm Coupling Lock
Shank diameter: 5/8'' (16mm)
Coupling Lock Material:steel,chrome plated surface

Package included:
1x Trailer Hitch Lock
1x 6mm hex adjustment key
2x nickel-plated brass keys


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