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Fertilising Pest Control | Fertilising Pest Control nz | Fertilising & pest control | Scotts Lawn Builder 2.5kg Grub And Insect Control Slow | Fertilisers, Sprays & Pest Control | New Leaf Horticulture
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Brand new Plug In House Fly Mouse Mice Spider Insect Control Ultra Sonic Pest Repeller Safe Pest Control Electronic Accelerate Pest Kille


* FRIENDLY TO PETS: This pest repeller works via ultrasonic waves which will give out a sound that only the pests will hear. So you don't worry the fleas from cats and dog kept passing them on to each other.
* SAFETY REMOVAL OF PEST: No poisons no chemicals no insecticides and no traps. Ultrasonic pest repeller is a healthier and safer way to get rid of any pests in my house, especially proper for the family who owns little baby and lovely pets.
* EASY TO USE: Ultrasonic pest control repeller is very lightweight and has no power cord so it's easy to install and use, just plugged the repeller in a wall socket and left it do the rest.
* EFFICIENT ANTHELMINTIC: Pest repeller uses 20 - 45kHz high frequency ultrasonic to repel pests. It's worked well on many kinds of insects and pests such as mosquitoes cockroaches ants flies bugs spiders mice, etc.
* WIDELY USED: Because of ultrasonic pest repel is safety, non - toxic, tasteless and efficient so the product is widely used in families, warehouses shops hotels hospitals offices computer rooms gardens hotels grain depots and so on.

Material: ABS
Power Supply: AC 90V~250V, 50 - 60Hz
Rated Power: 3W
Effective Range: 800~1200 square feet
Operating Temperature: 0~40°/32~104°
Plug Type: US/EU/UK Plug
Size: About 87.8x55.5x29.8mm/3.46x2.19x1.17"


1. Please allow tiny size deviations due to human measurement.

2. Please note that there should be no barriers such as curtains or cabinets in front of the ultrasonic repeller.

3. Ultrasonic waves can't travel through walls. Though the pest defenders work very well, we recommend placing one in each room.

Package Included

1 x Ultrasonic Pest Repeller (NZ plug)
1 X USer Manual


$6.20 $7.13
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Seaflo Backpack Agricultural Electric Sprayer 16L 12 - volt Rechargeable Battery

SEAFLO 16 litre (4.22gallons) 12 - volt backpack sprayer with rechargeable battery sprayer; wide filling neck, rugged shut - off gun, adjustable nozzle, in - built pressure filter, brass lance.

Seaflo 16 Litre Rechargeable Back Pack Sprayer SFESR - 16A - 01 Battery Charger
Configure the 14V / 1A quick charger for 12V / 4A battery. It can be charged in the shortest time.

Battery Cover - Easy to replace the parts
One - click button to open the battery cover to replace battery in 30 seconds with no tools.

Seaflo 16 Litre Rechargeable Back Pack Sprayer SFESR - 16A - 01 Water Inlet Filter
Can effectively prevent water impurities into the pump.

Back Cushion
More comfortable to carry, spray and irrigation more easily.

Lance Clips Beside
Ensures neat storage and avoids lance dragging on the ground.

Seaflo 16 Litre Rechargeable Back Pack Sprayer SFESR - 16A - 01 Water Hose - 1.2M

Efficient Charging Stand
Battery charging stand for take away charging allow continuously spray 220 liters (standard double nozzle) by Charging 3 hours. For longer and continuous work can replace the battery at any time.

Handel Switch
Lock - on spray function on the spray gun with in - built pressure filter to avoid nozzle blockages.

Simple Operation
A key to start, sensor switch, Seaflo 16 Litre Rechargeable Back Pack Sprayer SFESR - 16A - 01 can operate without experience.

Compact tructure
small size, light weight, Superior ergonomic features design, flexible and comfortable in operation.