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Chainsaw Sharpener, Portable Chain Saw Blade Sharpener Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener Kit Universal Sharpening Stone Grinder Tools for 14/16/18/20 Inch Two Holes Chain Saw Bar

[Fast & Safe Sharpener]:The chainsaw sharpening tool is time saver, sharpen your dull chain in just 3-5 seconds. Chainsaw sharpening kit protect your hands from harm.Your hands don't need to touch the whetstone, just squeeze the chain saw.

[Easy to Install & Use]:The sharper is super simple to operate,just attach the chainsaw on the two holes of the sharpener. Then close and lock the sharpener. Finally, gently squeeze the chainsaw.

[Lightweight & Portable]:Made of premium ABS plastic, this lightweight and durable chainsaw grinder sharpens your tools anytime and anywhere. Especially perfect for outdoor use. It is a homeowner grade tool.

Material: Plastic + Whetstone
Size: 8.5” * 5.7”
Color: Yellow

Package includes:
1 * Chain Saw Sharpening Unit
1 * Sharpening Stone

Broad Compatibility:
Ladygo chain saw sharpener makes your chain and grindstone fit together, sharpening your 14/16/18/20 inch two holes chain saw.(Not suitable for ECHO 16 inch chainsaw)

Replaceable Whetstone:
Our portable chainsaw sharpener whetstone is replaceable, chainsaw blade sharpener can be used all the time.

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