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Auto Seedling Tray Vegetable Seed Boxes Hot Greenhouse Plants Spread Adjustable Breathable Cover Sprower Sowing Sprouter With Lids for Park Garden (green)

Transparent lid plays the role of maintaining warmth and moisturizing, so that you can clearly see the growth process of the seedlings.

Use the seedling box for seeding, which is convenient for centralized management, saving time and effort, and is also very convenient to operate. The growth process of the seedlings can be clearly seen, and multiple stacks can be used to save space.

More efficient than trying to heat an entire greenhouse or shed, faster plant growth and seed germination, nice low temperature keeps everything at the right temperature.

After the seeds are germinated, the transparent cover should be opened in time to enhance ventilation and reduce humidity, which is beneficial to the disease prevention and disease resistance of the seedlings.

Planting starter trays with plant seed starter kit.Ideal cell size to transfer room temperatures for optimal root growth.


Pay attention to the growth of seedlings: the transparent plastic tray cover makes it easy to observe your plants without interrupting the process.
Full control: The seed trays with adjustable vents allow you to adjust the temperature and humidity of the seedling environment, so you have full control of the growth process
Seedling tray size: cell size: 1.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, these seed trays are suitable for small seeds, such as flowers, vegetables, fruits, tobacco and other plants.
Healthy and efficient growth: There are drainage holes at the bottom of each cell to properly drain and reduce root oversaturation. Reusable is a good way to cultivate a beautiful and healthy garden.

material: plastic
Size: 7.3 * 2.4 * 5.7inch

The product is a top cover + 12 hole tray + bottom bracket 3 pieces for a set
Delivery list: top cover + 12 hole tray + bottom support

$27.20 $31.28
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