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iPhone 6 Battery Replacement

Brand New iPhone 6 compatible Battery 1810mAh Li-ion iPhone 6 compatible Internal Battery Replacement + Flex Cable

Description :

1 Replacement Battery for iPhone 6
2 Light Weight, High Capacity & Low Impedance
3 Integrated microchip prevents overcharging and lengthens battery life
4 1810 mAh Extra High Capacity, extra-long standby times
5 Best replacement for the original battery with comparable standby and talk time
6 Battery Capacity: 1810 mAh

Please note its made by the third party

Compatible With for iPhone 6

Notice: only for iPhone 6

1 X iPhone 6 battery Replacement


- Your iPhone 6 Battery Replacement does not charge anymore
- Your existing iPhone 6 Battery drains much faster than it used to.
- Phone does not charge to 100% anymore
- The existing iPhone 6 Battery Replacement was never a full capacity battery causing it to never charge properly
- Your phone does not turn on at all
- Your phone turns on but won't go past the apple logo
- The original battery was replaced with a third party iPhone 6 Battery that never worked properly
- Your iPhone 6 Battery Replacement drains down much faster than it first did.
- The battery for your iPhone 6 goes dead flat from any % that is not 1%

TESTING: The iPhone 6 Battery tested 3x before you receive it

FLEX CABLE FOAM: Stops flex metal shorting out on the iPhone 6 Battery Shield

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x iPhone 6 Case, Underwater Full Sealed Cover IP68 Certified for Waterproof Snowproof Shockproof and Dustproof with Built-in Screen Protector for iPhone 6,

【Waterproof】: iPhone 6 Case isIP68 standard waterproof. Designed to underwater and tested to submersible to over 6.6 ft deep for 1 hour. Perfect protection for underwater/swimming/diving and daily use.

【360-degree protection】: iPhone 6 Case has Perfectly designed to protect your iPhone 6 from water, dust and snow, iphone 6 case allow you to do outdoor sports with your phone, such as diving, climbing, skiing etc.

【Sensitive touch】: iPhone 6 Case is fully compatible with the iPhone 6. iPhone 6 Case Completely fit in with the iPhone 6, speaker, buttons, sensors and cameras.

【Wireless charging supporting】: iPhone 6 Case has No signal blocking, you can just put your iphone 6 on the charging surface without removing the iphone 6 case.

iphone 6 case Features:

1. iPhone 6 Case has Latest designed protection waterproof case for iPhone 6. IP68 standard waterproof case, iphone 6 case is fully sealed and extremely waterproof,shockproof/snowproof/dustproof.

2. iPhone 6 Case has Built-in scratch-resistant screen protector with high touch sensitivity. iPhone 6 Case Can use the camera well and shoot good-looking photos and videos in high definition.

Warm Note for iPhone 6 Case
- Please review and check the user manual to ensure correct installation for iphone 6 case. For a better experience, remove any pre-installed screen protector on your phone before installation.
- Please do a water test of iphone 6 case before putting your loved iphone 6 in. Ensuring that all the ports of the iphone 6 case have been completely sealed.

iphone 6 case Package Included:
1* iPhone 6 Case
1* Cleaning Cloth for iphone 6 case


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