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iPhone 6s Life protection case Features: iphone 6s case IP68 Certified standard Waterproof, iphone 6s case iPhone 6s Life protection case


1 X iPhone 6S Waterproof case


iPhone 6s Battery replacement Battery for iPhone 6S Battery

* Li - ion Polymer Battery
iPhone 6S Battery * Voltage: 3.8V, 5.45Whr
iPhone 6S Battery * Capability: 1810mAh

Compatible with: iPhone 6S only

Note: This is the third Party made the battery.

iPhone 6S Battery Replacement, iPhone 6S Battery, iPhone 6S Replacement Battery, iPhone 6S Battery Kit

Iphone 6s battery Package Includes:

1 x iPhone 6S Battery replacement

When you need a new iphone 6s Battery

- Your iPhone 6S battery does not charge anymore

- Your existing iPhone 6S Battery drains much faster than it used to.

- The phone does not charge to 100% anymore

- The existing iPhone 6S battery was never a full capacity battery causing it to never charge properly

- Your phone does not turn on at all

- Your phone turns on but won't go past the apple logo

- The original iphone 6s battery was replaced with a third party iPhone 6S Battery that never worked properly

- Your iPhone 6S battery drains down much faster than it first did.

- The battery for your iPhone 6S goes dead flat from any % that is not 1%


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