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Tens Machine Health Care Tens Acupuncture Electric Therapy Massage Tens Machine Pulse Body Slimming Sculptor Massager Apparatus

1. Digital therapy machine Tens Machine, easy to operate
2.Tens Machine Applied with digital technology, Tens Machine this unit transfers the physical factors necessary to the human Tens Machine body into precise digital signals and Tens Machine conducts comprehensive therapy through Tens Machine computer based on the requirements of the body. In this way, the therapeutic accuracy can be ensured and the therapeutic Tens Machine efficacy can be greatly improved.
3.Equipped with large size LCD, Tens Machine on which the intensity, functions, therapeutic time can be clearly displayed both in
Tens Machine Chinese and English.

Tens Machine :
Size: 154x65x15mm
Net Weight:Tens Machine 300g
Tens Machine Can be chargered with USB cable Tens Machine (100 - 240V US. EU.AU to choose)

Package includes:
1* Digital Therapy Machine Tens Machine & SI - PRO Therapy Machine
2* Electrode pads
1* Tens Machine USB charger
3* AAA batteries (Not INCLUDED)
1* Connecting cable Tens Machine
1* English user manual


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Inversion Table Gravity Inversion Table Heavy Duty Inversion Table with Headrest & Adjustable Protective Belt Back Stretcher Machine for Pain Relief Therapy


MATERIAL Inversion Table AND ERGONOMIC Inversion Table

inversion table Adjustable headrest Inversion Table pad with large and Inversion Table comfortable padded backrest. Heavy duty EXTRA Inversion Table WIDE tubular Inversion Table steel frame with 300 - pound weight capacity. Inversion Table Accommodates Inversion Table users 4.26ft to 6.1ft in height

Convenient, foldable design compactly folds for storage into a closet, or against the wall. Consult with a licensed physician Inversion Table before using this inversion table. Some medical Inversion Table conditions may not be suitable for use Inversion Table with this product

Inversion Table KEY FEATURES:
Easily adjustable to suit most user heights inversion table.
This inversion table is designed to improve blood circulation and Inversion Table posture.
Increases energy levels and mental alertness.
The inversion table improves Inversion Tablebody Inversion Table flexibility and reduces back pain.
Comfortable wrap - around ankle holders.
Inversion Table Folds away for easy Inversion Table transport and storage.
Stimulate your lymphatic system
Product Inversion Table Specifications
Inversion Table Weight: 23 kilogram
Max User Weight: 300LBS
Max User Height: 6ft 6inch Inversion Table
Material: Inversion Table PU

Package includes:
1 X Bigzzia Inversion Table (need to be assembled)


$212.49 $244.36
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Portable Massage Table 73 Inch Height Adjustable 2 Folding Spa Bed Facial Cradle Salon Bed W/Carry Case,Beech Wood Feet (Color : Black)


hen used, 186 cm (length) x 60 cm (width) 48-73 cm Massage Table (height), after folding, 93x 19x 60cm, 1 cm = 0.39 inches.

The minimalist and modern chair style is perfect for families, gyms and offices.

Massage Table Name: Multifunctional massage bed

Material: high-end environmentally friendly PVC leather / beech wood feet

Net weight: 15.0 kg

Gross weight: 17.0 kg

Product volume: 96.0 cm * 20.0 cm * 75.0 cm Massage Table

Packing: one box one

Massage technique: kneading, shiatsu, massage, sniper, tapping, stretching

Applicable parts: Head Neck Back Waist Hips Legs Feet

Roller for Face | Beauty Roller to Improve The Appearance of Your Skin, Provide Relaxation, Massage Your Face & Enhance Your Skin Care Routine | Real 100% Natural Jade Stone Kit for Face & Neck

INCREDIBLE RELIEF FOR YOUR SKIN: Our jade rollers can do wonders to enhance your beauty. It is great to help with puffiness relief, especially puffy eyes. This jade face roller is made from authentic jade stone. This jade facial roller is a great eye roller and lymphatic drainage massager. 100% authentic jade roller for face made from real jade acts as an excellent Ice massager for eye puffiness relief.

CAN BE USED AS AN ICE ROLLER FOR FACE: In addition to the natural benefits of Jade this face roller massager can be left in the fridge. Your face will get additional lymphatic drainage with the cold jade as you are rolling it across your face.
CAN BE USED ALL OVER YOUR BODY: This incredible versatile massaging tool can uplift your entire body, including your legs, forearms. Our jade stone roller is so easy to use, that adding this skin roller to your routine will be fast and effective.

REAL JADE STONE = ANTI AGING BENEFITS: Our facial jade roller is made from authentic jade stones. The benefits of this stone are numerous. They can even help reduce the appearance of a double chin! Massage regularly for best results.

Jade rollers really do deserve a place in your beauty vanity.

Small but mighty this tool has numerous benefits:

- Reduces puffiness in the face.

- Fights under eye bags

- Under eye roller.

- Lymphatic massager

- The body & main detoxification system.

- Reduces the appearance of fine lines. (especially relaxing when used as a handheld massaging tool)


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Brand new 2019 12 Modes Tens Machine Unit with 4 Electrode Pads for Pain Relief Pulse Massage EMS Muscle Stimulation Tens Electroestimulador

Tens machine massager :

It is used for the symptomatic relief of chronic intractable massager pain and the temporary relief of pain massager associated with sore and aching muscles in the arm, shoulder, neck, back, waist, abdomen and leg due to strain from exercise or normal household and work activities.

>> Tens Machine Specification

Tens machine Output frequency: 1 - 120HZ
Housing material: ABS
massager Output pulse width: 100 - 250uS
Number of channels: Two channels
Tens machine Output voltage: 40V+ - 20%
Power supply: DC 4.5V 3* AAA battery Tens machine (not included)
Tens machine Output strength: 0 - 40
Waveform: Bidirectional Wave
tens massager Tens machine Load Detection: YES
Display Mode: LCD Display
Tens machine Mode: 12 programs
Size: 119*60*16mm
Usage of Electrode pad: 20 - 30 times Tens machine (need change)

>> Package Included

1 x Tens Machine Unit Tens machine (Battery not included)
2 x Electrode Wires
1 x Tens machine Manual
4 x Electrode Pads


Electric Acupuncture Pen Electronic Pulse Analgesia Pain Relief Pen

Pain Relief Acupuncture Point Massage Pen

How to Use Electric Acupuncture Pen:

Firmly wrap your finger around the metal ring.

Electric Acupuncture Pen Place the pen over the point of pain and click the gray button 30 to 40 times, each time 30 seconds.

It can activate endorphins, your body's natural Electric Acupuncture Pen defense against pain.

There is no overdose risk with it. also works through light clothing.

Electrical Pain Relief Pen

Features: Pain Relief, Body Electric Acupuncture Pen Relaxation, Joint Massager, Portable

Electric Acupuncture Pen Electronic Pain Relief Pen Size: 13cm x 2cm x 3cm/5.12" x 0.79" x 1.18" (Approx.)


Children under 8 years old must use Electric Acupuncture Pen it with the adult supervision.

Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly Electric Acupuncture Pen different from the pictures.

Please allow slight dimension difference due to Electric Acupuncture Pen different manual measurement.

Package Included:

1 x Electrical Pain Relief Pen

1 x Carry Pouch
$27.77 $31.94
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Gravity Inversion Table Heavy Duty Inversion Table Back Stretcher Inversion Table Machine for Pain Relief Inversion Table Therapy

Inversion Table Can accommodate Inversion Table users 130cm to 185cm in height, Inversion Table only simple operation is required. Suitable for every family Inversion Table members. Capacity up to 136kg/300lbs.

Features 3 fixable Inversion Table position: 20, 40, and 60, Inversion Table for beginners, experienced, or expert. Inversion Table Capacity up to 136kg/300lbs.

Inversion Table Packaging Includes:

1 x Inversion Table

Electronic Acupuncture Pen Acupuncture Energy Pen Electric Meridians Therapy Pain Relief Pen Massage Tool

Product description

Electronic Acupuncture Pen Acupuncture Energy Pen Electric Meridians Therapy Pain Relief Pen Massage Tool

Have you thought about treating your body aches and pains with acupuncture, but are afraid of being punctured with needles?

Well, fear no more and try the Electronic Laser Acupuncture Pen Instead! This pen is a painless, acupuncture-type stimulation, which uses an electric pulse to activate tissues, firm sagging and aging skin, promote healthy blood circulation, detox the meridians and help to reduce muscle pain!

Acupuncture Pen Dome type: Superficial therapy, which is applicable to healthcare and facial beautification;

Node type: Node therapy, which is applicable Acupuncture Pen for partial body pains;

Spheroidal type: Partial therapy, which is applicable for quickly alleviating pain.


Type: Massage Pen

Power: 1 x AA Battery (Not Included)

Main Color: Silver

Material: Magnet, Alloy

Features: Magnet Therapy, Health Promotion, Modern Biotechnology

Size: 20cm x 3cm/7.87" x 1.18" (Approx.)

Package Include:

1 x Electronic Acupuncture Pen (battery Not include)

$14.43 $16.59
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Portable 2 Sections Massage Table Wooden Folding Massage Bed Couch with Headrest/Armrest/Hand Pallet, Black massage table

Foldable & portable massage table : If you a mobile therapist, a foldable and portable massage bed is very convenient and less weight for you to carry around. The whole massage bed will become a portable case with clasps after it is folded. If you want it for home use, it also saves space when not in use.

Easy to set up massage table : massage table is easy to set up and close the spa bed. You do not need a tool at all. Open the case and you will see the bed legs inside as well as other accessories. Pull the legs out and adjust them to the height you need, including a headrest, a hand pallet and two armrests in position.

Adjustable height: massage table has two twisting adjustment knobs on each leg for 8 kinds of different height adjustment. The height of the massage table can be adjusted from 25 inches to 34 inches. In addition, the face cradle is also removable and adjustable.

Strong weight capacity for massage table: The folding physical therapy table is stable enough because two sections of the spa table are supported by two triangle frames and heavy - duty cords. The max load bearing is 551lb.

Excellent workmanship: The professional facial massage table is constructed of aluminum alloy and composite board frames, beech wood legs and spongy cushion covered by PVC leather. Give you a comfortable experience and a durable service.

Height - adjustable headrest: The headrest, also face cradle, is removable if you do not need it. massage table is adjustable for different heights or angles, too. The headrest adopts quick - fix locking device, through which the angle of the headrest can be adjusted.

Ergonomic operation: The portable spa bed massage table features a removable headrest, a swing hand pallet, and two rectangle armrests. You can put hands on the hand pallet when you lying face down on the massage table.

size: - 180cm x 60cm x 65cm x thickness 9cm approx


TENS Machine Electronic Digital Body &Foot Physiotherapy Massager Acupuncture Therapy Machine TENS Machine Digital Massager

* TENS Machine Wide screen LCD display

* Strengthen the improvement TENS Machine of internal organs, heart, TENS Machine lung, kidney, pancreas function.

* TENS Machine Relax the muscles and stimulate the blood TENS Machine circulation transform cells, improve blood circulation.

* To promote the TENS Machine new metabolism, improve TENS Machine the body meridian ability to transport.

* To improve sleep on neurasthenia, TENS Machine insomnia have a better effect.

* TENS Machine Enhance the human immune system, TENS Machine the efficacy of multiple circulatory system disease significantly.Beneficial to the body

* Portable, TENS Machine lightweight, easy to use simple TENS Machine

TENS Machine Digital Massager TENS Machine Specification

Physiotherapy instrument

Material: TENS Machine Plastic

Color: White

TENS Machine Size: 150x100x0.5mm

Voltage: DC 3V TENS Machine

Rated working time: 30mins

TENS Machine Flip flop

Color: Black

Size: 260 x 97mm

Package Included

1 x Monitor

1 x TENS Machine Data lines

1 x Power adapter TENS Machine

1 x Manual

1 x Pair of Foot Massage Slippers

4 x TENS Machine Patch

$36.74 $42.25
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TENS EMS Massager Muscle Stimulation Electronic Mini Personal nerve stimulator electro stimulation therapy machine Body Tens TENS Machine

16 stimulation modes TENS Machine, you can choose between a diverse range from knocking, kneading, shiatsu and more. 16 massage techniques help to relieve pain, including shoulder, waist, back, buttocks, etc. (Pressing the "M" button to change the mode).

2 Outputs:
TENS Machine 2 outputs are isolated and has the same power, allow 2 sets of pads to be applied to the different areas at the same time. Also, you can share with your friends or family members to have a fantastic massage experiences together.

Compact size (9.5x5.0cm)and lightweight (only 52g) design, easy to carry, you can use it conveniently anywhere and anytime.

*Easy - to - view LCD Display:
The LCD display with backlight provides better viewing at day or night. And, the battery indicator will flash when it need to recharge battery.

Type: Body Massager TENS Machine
Modes: 16 TENS Machine
Output: 2
Adapter :US/EU (110 - 240V)
USB charger: 5V
Power Supply: USB Port
Item Size:9.5*1*5cm
Item Weight:52g
Package Size:14.5*8*7cm

Package List:
1 * Tens Control Unit Device TENS Machine
2 * Large Pad
2 * Small Pad
2 * Electric Wire
1 * USB Cable & Adapter
1 * Acupuncture Point Chart
1 * English Instruction Manual

3-Fold Beauty Bed Beauty Salon Portable Folding Bed Massage Table Suitable for Massage Moxibustion Body Care Tattoo Model: 3558


Ultra-light high-quality PU leather Massage Table , soft and odorless, waterproof and wear-resistant, massage bed giving you full relaxation and comfort


Massage Table soft sponge, high elastic comfort, high density, strong breathability, good resilience, comfortable and environmentally massage bed friendly

EASY TO CLEAN Massage Table :

just wipe the surface of the massage table with a slightly damp massage bed cloth or sponge, saving tim

Maintenance Beauty Bed:

The Massage Table is for massaging purposes certainly. Intense movements on the massage bed are prohibited. Do not use caustic cleaners to clean or wipe the surface of the Massage Table. If you do not use the massage bed product for a long time, you can massage bed fold the massage table and store it in a storage bag.

product information

Material: artificial PU fabric

Filling: sponge

Massage Table Colour: Photo Color

Size: 185 * 60cm Adjustable height: 58-82cm

Weight: about 15kg

Applicable scenarios: SPA clubs, daily households, women's clubs, beauty salons, etc.


Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.

Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.

Package Included:

1 x Massage bed Massage Table

1 x face hole plug

Phoenix Percussion Massager Muscle Gun

Driven by scientific research this well - designed, vibrating, cordless and powerful gun is everything you need for fast recovery, reducing fatigue and to treat all areas of the body.

Improves your range of motion
Reduces recovery time
Accelerates warm - up time
Clears the muscles of lactic acid
Reduces fatigue
Breaks down scar tissue
Treat injuries and pains
Promotes blood circulation
Reduces pain from inflamed muscles
Releases muscle trigger points

The Phoenix A2 Percussion Massager Muscle Gun can be used for treatment and relief of injuries and pains such as tight shoulders, carpal tunnel, bursitis, shin splints, bicep tendinitis, tennis elbow, and lower back pain.


Massage after a training reduces lactic acid buildup and repairs micro - tears meaning less soreness and better sessions.


Power massage for muscle injuries can speed up recovery times by up to 30%, without the cost of visiting a physio.


Cordless, lightweight and with carry case, PHOENIX™ can be use anywhere you go at any time.


Regular deep massage after training has been shown to significantly increase performance in both sport and everyday fitness.


High velocity percussion reduces pain from inflamed muscles allowing you to train harder than with static pressure.

Powerful high torque motor with Quiet - Glide Technology

Weight: 1.7lbs or 0.8Kg
Product size: 25*23*6.5 cm
Input voltage: 100 - 240V
Vibration frequency: 20 - 50HZ, the highest - grade sound is below 65 decibels
Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery 2400mAh
Life time: Lasts 2 hours
Timing setting: 10min intelligent timing
Double switch: Gear position adjustment, power supply
Three - speed massage switch: 1800 rev/min, 2400 rev/min, 3200 rev/min
LED indicator: Battery display, gear display
Power plug:AU plug

Massage Gun Please check massage gun description on Massage Gun picture.

We Massage Gun have different design Massage Gun of massage gun please check our listing Massage Gun for High quality Massage guns



Phoenix Massage Gun Muscle Stimulator Vibrating Deep Therapy Relaxation Fascia Fitness Exercise Electric Massager

1. Including 4 different massage head, meeting various demand.
2. Effectively reduce muscle stiffness and sore pain, increasing blood circulation.
3. 3 - speed adjustment, you can choose that you fit.
4. 10 minutes intelligent timing guarantees long life of the machine.
5. 2400mha large capacity lithium battery, 3 hours stand by.
6. With over - protection, overheat protection and other safety protection devices, safe to use.
7. Suitable for recovery after sports fatigue, rehabilitation after sports injury, pain
relief during the convalescence period of surgery, as well as reducing inflammatory

Power Charger
- - Rated input:100~240V 50/60Hz 1A

- - Rated Voltage: 24V DC
- - Type: Li - ion
- - Capacity: 1500mAh
- - Working Hour: 2 Hours

- - No - load Speed: 3000r/min
- - Weight: 1.5kg
- - Dimension: 25x23cm
- - 3 Levels Adjustment: Level 1 - 1800/min, Level 2 - 2400/min, Level 3 - 3200r/min

Package Included:
1 x Massage Gun
4 x Massage Tips
1 x Li - ion Battery
1 x Power Charger

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