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Wireless Cordless Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinders USB Charging Pet Nail Clippers Quiet Electric Dog Cat Paws Nail Grooming Trimmer Tools

1. Pet Nail Trimmer Low Vibration and Low Noise - This Pet Nail Grinder is equipped with super mute motor but powerful. It gently removes thin layers of nail with low noise and low vibration, so that sensitive pets will be happy with this nail grinder, making your nail trimming work easier.

2. Make Nail Grinding Painless - If your pets are Pet Nail Trimmer terrified of nail trimming, then we’ve got you covered. Try today this electric dog nail clipper and trim their nails nice, easy and painlessly. No more worries about overcutting, nasty pains or bleeding.

3.Pet Nail Trimmer USB Charging - This Dog Nail Grinder is designed to be charged by USB, it is convenient to charge and you don't even have to waste your money to buy batteries anymore.You can charge Pet Nail Trimmer whenever and wherever possible. Once Pet Nail Trimmer being fully charged, the grinder will be well-performed over 3 hours in continuous work.

4.Pet Nail Trimmer Detachable Grinding Wheel - The dirty stuff on the stone can be removed for easy cleaning. You can use an eraser or a soft towel to clean it by softly touching first in operating status, then use a tissue to clean again, which helps it work more effectively.

5.Good Performance For Most Of Pets - This Pets Nail Grinder is suitable for Cat, Small & Medium Dog Breed, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster & Bird. The pet nail trimmer has three size openings in the grinder area for different sized nails trimming. You can choose a suitable one according to the pets' size and characteristics of their nails


1 Charging time:2 hours

2 Running time:3 hours

3 Input:AC100V-240V 50HZ/60HZ

4 Output:5V/350MA

5 Charging mode: USB charging

6 Battery: Built-in battery

Products included:

1x Pet Nail Grinder Pet Nail Trimmer Wireless Cordless
1x USB Charge Cable
1x Package Box
1x user manual


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Bowl Water Trough Automatic Stainless Steel Feeder Auto Drinker Float Valve Horse Cow Dog Sheep Animal Goat Cattle Pig 4L
Drinking Feeder Automatic Water Bowl Stainless

Diameter: 22cm

The towl made of stainless steel material, corrosion-resistant, high temperature and durable. Care free operation allowing you to do away with the worry of animals running out of water.

Bowl water device, a fixed amount of water, to avoid drinking water will be extra drops of water on the ground, resulting in waste and wet ground.

Perfect for horses,goats,sheep,cattle and etc. Designed to go anywhere, can be attached to tinmer posts, rails, walls etc.

Safely operates between 20-50 psi
Wall mountable (bolts not included)
Hinged cover to protect float assembly
Automatically fills according to float level
All-purpose waterer work well for horses, cattle, goats, hogs and dogs

Material: stainless steel
Capacity: Approx. 2.5L
Product Size: 27*25*10CM(10.6*9.8*3.9inches)

Package included:
1 x Auto Fill Bowl


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Dog Clippers Cordless Dog CAT Clippers Dog Clippers
Electrical Pet Hair Clipper Professional Grooming Kit Cordless Trimmer

- Cat Dog Clippers Hair Trimmer

- Dog Clippers Charging time: five-seven hours
- Tool type: ceramic titanium head Dog Clipper
- Size: 180mm * 45mm
- Dog Clippers has Rechargeable batteries: high-performance environmentally-friendly batteries
- Rated frequency: 50 / 60HZ
- Dog Clipper Oil
- Limit comb: 3/6/9 /12mm Dog Clipper
- Rated voltage: 110-240v Universal
- Dog Clippers Make Pet Grooming Easy
– Special quiet design.
- Dog Clipper Brush
- Sharp Detachable Blade in dog clippers
- Smooth and Efficient, Prevent pulling or damaging the hair of a pet. Easy to clean, set the collar set of dog clippers to 2.0mm, then hold the blade of dog clippers, push it down. Dog Clippers Come with 8 Comb Attachments.
Simplify Dog Clippers What Is Complicated
- Light Weight & Cordless Design, you can chase the dog all over the house without the wire bothering you.
- Dog Clippers can be used continuously for several hours after charging for about five hours.
- It can work while charging.
- The Dog clipper itself has 5 adjustable functions for the comb from 0.8mm to 2mm.
- With 8 attachment guide combs: thinning-out,
- skin-friendly contour-following combs of Dog Clipper smake it safe, easy, comfortable.

1 X Pet Cat/Dog Trimmer Cordless
1 X 8 Clips
1 X Brush
1 X Dog Clipper Charging Cable
1 X User Manual

This can be used as a Dog Clippers Pet Clippers Cordless Dog Clippers Pet Clippers


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Brand new 4pcs/set Professional Pet Scissors for Dog Grooming Straight Thinning Curved Scissors With Comb Bag Cat Cutting Hair Shears Dog Grooming Scissors Cat Grooming Scissor


Brand new and high-quality material
Multi-functional Scissors, 1 Curved Scissor+1 Cutting Scissor+Thinning Scissor,and also provides a comb.
Professional pet grooming and hair cutting product
Easy to use, with a scissors case for convenient to carry
Apply For: Cut The Hair Of All Pets, such as dog, cat, rabbit, etc.

Pet Grooming Set
Dog Grooming Scissors
Pet Grooming Kit - 7 pcs
Pet Dog Grooming Scissors
Pet Grooming Hair Scissors
Grooming Kit Pet Grooming set
(Grooming Scissors Kit) - Pet Grooming
Dog Grooming Scissors Shears Kit--Stainless
Pet Grooming Scissors, Pet Grooming Scissors
Professional Pet Dog Sharp Scissors Hair Thinning
Professional Pet Scissors For Dog or Cat Grooming Scissors With Comb

Package Included:

1x Cutting Scissor

1x Thinning Scissor

1x Curved Scissor Point Up

1x Comb

1x Scissors Case

1X Cloth (its not in picture)
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Dog Pitbull Dog Muzzle Wire Basket Amstaff Pit Bull Metal Mask Adjustable Leather Straps


Dog Muzzle Dimensions(L x W x H): Dog Muzzle 17cm x 11cm x 16cm
Package Dimensions(L x W x H): 21cm x 11cm x 14cm Dog Muzzle
Dog Muzzle Net Weight: Approx. Dog Muzzle0.31kg
Dog Muzzle Gross Weight: Approx. 0.39kg
Mouth Length:Dog Muzzle 14cm Dog Muzzle
Mouth Dog Muzzle Height: 16cm
Dog Muzzle Mouth Circumference: 44cm
Neck Circumference: 50-60cm Dog Muzzle

Package Contents:

1 x Humane Dog Muzzle Heavy Duty Wire Cage Dog Muzzle Leather Muzzle Dog Muzzle

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Climbing Cat Tree Tower House Scratching Column Cat Litter Cat Tree Tower House Solid Wood Big Cat Toy Big Cat Litter Jumping tree Cat Tree Tower House House With Hammock & Toy

This is a fantastic indoor or outdoor Cat Tree Tower House that any cat will love. Not only will it provide those high perches that cats love, it'll save your furniture from being scratched and climbed on!

The whole Cat Tree Tower House is also covered with soft velvet to let your lazy cats to snooze around in extra comfort.

The Cat Tree Tower House sturdy base restricts any swaying so it is sturdy and safe on any flat surface. Standing a tall 150cm, it is definitely what your "kids" is looking for in a nap space.


Furniture protection design Cat Tree Tower House
Cat Tree Tower House Covered with Comfortable Soft Velvet
Easy Installation
Heavy Duty Structure
Each Beam is a cat scratching pole
Stylish designs and colors that match your décor
Includes 2 dangling balls so your cat can jump and play with it!

Color: blue Cat Tree Tower House
Material: Strong Sisal Rope, Polyester fiber
Total Height: 115cm
Dimension 115x48x42cm


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Dog Clippers, Professional Low Noise Pet Clippers Pet Grooming Kit with Comb Guides Scissors Nail Kits Pet Hair Clippers Trimmer for Dogs Cats Horses and Other

Super Quiet: Pet grooming clippers with precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design, free it from work noise with only about 50 dB, to help the pet feel at ease, not afraid haircut any more
Cordless & Chargeable: This dog grooming clippers kit is light weight and cordless design for easy use.

The pet Dog Clippers grooming kit is equipped Dog Clippers with a USB cable,?it will be fully charged in 5 hrs and it can last for 120min. It can be used cordless and also used when charging

Warm Tips: If your pet have long and thick hair, Dog Clippers we suggest you use the scissors to cut Dog Clippers the long hair before trimming hair with the clipper, otherwise the clippers may jam up and don't work properly

1.The clipper has sharp blades and Dog Clippers therefore it should be used carefully.
2.Dog Clippers Be carefull when the clipper on you pets in the areas where the skin is sensitive like ear,underbelly ect.
3.Please adust the fine-tuning to 2.0mm Dog Clippers before installing or removing the blade.
4.Do not overcharge the clipper,charging time around 5-6 hrs.
5.If you need to wash blade,please disassembled the ceramic Dog Clippers blade and rinse under the Dog Clippers faucet.Please do not put the clipper in the water.


Working Voltage: Dog Clippers 3.7V
Charger: 110V-240V
Charging Time: Dog Clippers 5-6 hrs
Dog Clippers Running Time: 2 hrs
Battery size: 1200 mAh
Color: gold Dog Clippers

Package Included:

1 x Pet clipper
1 x USB Power cord(No adapter)
1 x Cleaning Brush
4 x Comb Attachments(3-6-9-12mm)
1 x Plastic Scissor
1 x Stainless Steel Comb
1 x Nail Clipper
1 x Nail File

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Brand new 6L Automatic Pet Feeder Dogs Cats Food Dispenser with Voice Recorder and Speaker, Timer Programmable, Infrared Sensor Detecting, LCD Display, Portion Dog Feeder Pet Dog Feeder

Dog Feeder Capacity: 6L capacity of dry food can be supplied for 10 to 20 days amount of feeding. Up to 4 meals a day, each meal dispense from 1-39 portions, simply pick the portion size & unit dispenses dry meals.

Built-in Voice Recorder and Speaker: This automatic food dispenser can record your voice 10 seconds to call your pets for meals.

Prevent Food Locking and Spills: Infrared sensor detecting can prevent the food locking, makes feeding hassle-free for pets’ dietary health & wellbeing. This system can fit any different shapes dry foods, but the food size can not exceed 0.39" * 0.39"(1 cm*1 cm), otherwise, the food may be stuck in the hole.

Double Power Supply & Ultra-Low Power Consumption: This automatic dog feeder not only comes with a long USB cord to supply power and also it can be operates on D batteries(not included).

Precise LCD Display: Pets’ precise LCD display brings pinpoint accuracy and hi-tech luxury to the usual pet feeding experience.

Dog Feeder Specifications
Meals: Up to 4 meals a day,each meal dispense from 1-39 portions
Capacity: 6L
Power Supply: USB cord/3*D batteries(not included)
Voice Recorder: 10 seconds
Display: LCD
Material: ABS
Size: 33.5 * 17 * 36 cm/13.2 * 6.7 * 14.2inch (L*W*H)
Weight: 2130g / 75.13oz

Color :- White and blue order

Package List:
1 * Automatic Pet Feeder, Dog Feeder Pet Dog Feeder
1 * USB Cable,
1 * Power Adapter,
1 * Dispenser,
4 * Screw,
1 * Guide

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Brand new Pet Training Pads Toilet Pee Wee Mat Super Absorbent Anti Slip Leakproof Odour Elimination Puppy Training Pads Protects Laminated Floors Dog Pads, Dog Training Pads, Puppy Training Pad, Puppy pad

Pet Pet Training pads can be your best friend when it comes to toilet training your puppy!

Waterproof base film
Effectively prevent leaks, keep the floor and pet hair clean and fresh, put you in a good mood by using this Pet Training Pads.

These pet Training pads can be placed in a hygienic tray for dogs. They have sealed edges and have a protective coating on the bottom that prevents urine leakage.

Made of high-density cellulose pulp and super-absorbent polymer particles - Good absorbency - Keeps hair clean and dry.

pet Training pad FEATURES:
Economic 70piece pack
Odour controlling system
Extra absorbent 2 SAP rating
Waterproof bottom layer
Contains super-absorbent polymer
Essential toilet training tool for all pet owners

Condition: This pet Training pads is 100% Brand new
Size: 60 x 90 cm
Quantity: 70PCS

1 x Pet Pet Training Pads (60cm x 90cm)

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Designed by sound control and fitted on the wall.

When the dog barks, the sound arouse electric circuit. Ultrasonic wave will emit from product, it discomforts dog but has no harm to dog. Such ultrasonic wave is heard by dog but not by people.

After several repeated action, the dog know the extra sound has been caused by his bark , so establish a conditioned reflex. Afterward he would not bark without reason;

Adapt integrated circuit, when continuous 3 barks will arouse circuit, but one bark or sudden sounds from environment could not cause unit emitting ultrasonic wave.

Bark loud level, different distance away from unit, noise of environment can affect unit working correctly.

So it’s not certain that continuous 3 barks can intrigue unit, but its effect is available.

Material: ABS
Power: 2W
Rate Voltage: 8.4W
Power supply: DC 8.4V / 500mA
Input voltage: AC 100~240V
Work frequency: 25KHz
Can generate 2 x 128dB strong ultrasonic
Effective radiation range 80m2
Size: 13cm x 7cm x 4.8cm

Packing List:
1 x Bark control
1 x Charging adapter (cable length: 90cm)
1 x Installation accessories kit
1 x English manual


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Brand new 2019 New Pet Anti-choking Bowl Healthy Bowl Pet Hunting Bowl Cats Dogs Food Slow Feeder Digestion Tableware Pet supplies

100% Brand New, High Quality.
Pet Hunting Bowl Cats Dogs Food Slow Feeder Digestion Tableware
Smarter Shopping, Better Living!
Pet Choke Bowl

Material: Environmental protection ABS Plastic
Weight about 200g

Color: BLUE only

1. To alleviate the dog's feeding speed
2. high quality, not easy to wear
3. Non-slip bottom, easy to use

Use: Pets

Product Type: Dog Feeding & Watering Supplies


Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement.

Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.


1 pcs Pet Bowl Nato Choking Bowl

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Bird Cage 61inches Inches Large Bird Cage Play Top 2957

Parrot Cockatiel Bird Cage Parakeet Chinchilla Macaw Cockatoo Bird Cage W/Stand Perch Pet Bird Cage Supplies

?Durable & Sturdy?
This bird cage is constructed of strong wrought metal frame and wires with epoxy coated finish, durable for years of use. Smooth surface and non-toxic material offer your birds a safe and healthy environment.

?Additional Top Play Area?
Play top with ladder design provides your Bird Cage with an out-of-cage play time, you could better interaction with your birds. Further more, birds can stand on top perch for relax, training purpose, also have 2 cups on the Bird Cage tops for eating and drinking. Large Front Door allow quick access to your bird.

?Easy Cleaning and Moving?
Top and bottom removable metal slide-out trays for easy cleaning! 4 strong swivel casters help you to move around without noise, it makes the place of the bird is flexible.

?Thoughtful Design?
5 Stainless steel cups, 3 feeder doors with locks for easy feeding. Bird Cage Heavy-duty push button door lock keeps your bird secure. 2 hardwood perches to stand on for resting and more exercise. Tall stand for higher cage situation where birds love to stay.

Solid Construction
Constructed Bird Cage of strong metal frame and wire bar with powder-coated finish, make the cage more durable and solid.

Exterior Space
The exterior entertainment space with ladder provides more room for birds, you can also form a bond with them using the versatile play area above the cage!

Safe Bar Spacing
The premium metal bar can‘t be easily bent. Bird Cage Mesh hurdle structure with 0.5'' bar spacing prevents escape and makes sure birds' safety.

Bird Cage Material:Iron
Overall Size: 25.6”L x 25.6“W x 61”H
Bird Cage Size: 18"L x 17.9"W x 32.9"H
Cage Door Size: 16.9”L x 8.8”W Bird Cage
Bowl: 3.9" Dia (Small); 4" Dia (Large)
Base Tray Bird Cage Size: 16.9"L x 15.4"W
Bar Spacing: 0.5”


Pet Dog/Cat Grooming Table Fordable Height Adjustable Drying Table for Home w/Double Loops/Mesh Tray Maximum Capacity Up to 220lbs Black

?Double Grooming Loops?
Two grooming loops are attached to the arm to help you keep the pet in place on the table when you bathe, dry; Grooming arm height can be easily adjusted by the clamp to meet your needs.

?Dog Grooming Table for small dogs?
This heavy duty pet grooming table is made of E1 MDF board, electroplated arm, quality plastic/metal clamps, powder-coated iron frame and tool shelf. A sturdy construction designed to support a load capacity up to 220.5lb as well

?Non-Slip Waterproof PU Dog Trimming Table?
It features an easy-to-clean PU covered tabletop with antiskid texture to make sure your pet feels comfortably secured while being groomed. Table edge sealed with aluminum, not easily deformed by moisture.

?Folding Dog Drying Table?
This portable pet salon table has goal post style molded legs that can be folded up in the center.

?Great features?
Other detail-oriented design elements include scratch-resistant plastic feet for floor protection;A sturdy metal storage shelf offers you an extra storage space to keep grooming tools such as dryers, brushes, scissors, etc.

Product description:
-Colour: Black
-folding beauty table large
-Suitable for medium and large dogs
-Bracket: retractable, adjust the height of the upper and lower.
-Slings - a common accessory on the beauty table, used for beauty aids, fixed pets. Also used for standing training of the game dog.
-Wire frame - placed under the beauty table to place items such as beauty tools.
-Material: Easy-folding stainless steel frame and non-slip rubber top, high quality aluminum edge

size: 80 X50X80cm

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Automatic Interactive Dog Tennis Ball Launcher Interactive Dog Toys Ball Thrower, Automatic Dog Feeder with Tennis Balls for Dogs to Play and Train

STIMULATE DOGS MIND:automatic ball launcher challenging them to learn something new. Plays fetch with your dog, interactive features aid in training.

LAUNCH DISTANCE ADJUSTABLE: The ball launcher can launch the ball 10, 20 or 30 feet, which can easily be changed with the push of a button.

ENTERTAIN & EXERCISE: your pet indoors and outside with the all for paws automatic fetch ball launcher,this is the premium choice in automatic fetch games.

BALL LAUNCHER INCLUDES:three tennis balls, ideal for a game of fetch. Works with 6 pcs C batteries ( not included )

ADVICE OF USE: Always supervise your dog while playing. Some toys may be inappropriate for your dog. Remove and replace the toy if it becomes damaged.

1.Launches the ball 10, 20 or 30 feet, which can easily be changed with the push of a button.
2.Comes with three mini tennis balls that are 2-inches in diameter. Easier for small mouths to fetch!
3.Timber security odor-free environment.
4.Free of heavy metals and hazardous substances.
5.Fill this toy with dry food or treats and see how much fun your dog will have fetching the ball back to the toy to get his reward.
6.Help keep dogs happy, healthy and fit. Home dogs essential-eating entertainment correct.

1*Automatic ball launcher
1*User Manual
3*Tennis Balls
1*AC adapter


Pet Carrier / Booster Seat Durable Pet Booster Seat,Dog Protector Car Seat with Zipper Storage Pocket-Suitable for Small and Medium Pets Pet Dog Car Seat Cover Protector Booster Chair

Dog Booster Seat Perfect for holding dogs and cats of small and medium size

Attachable to most front/back car seats with headrests Dog Booster Seat

Made of durable 600D Oxford Cloth, PVC coated

Dog Booster Seat Sturdy floor and softly padded back offers Dog Booster Seat maximum comfort

Thickened soft edges for Dog Booster Seat added safety and protection

Dog Booster Seat Built-in adjustable back strap attaches to headrest Dog Booster Seat or as shoulder strap

Tough quick-release snap Dog Booster Seat buckles, easy to install

Removable strap at the front with metal hooks

Dog Booster Seat Safe metal rings for attaching Dog Booster Seat the front strap

Zippered storage pockets small Dog Booster Seat pet essentials

Dog Booster Seat Adjustable interior tether attaches to pet collar/harness to secure

Quick and easy installation

Washable construction, folds away Dog Booster Seat for easy storage.

Material: Oxford Cloth,Sponge

Color: Dog Booster Seat BLACK

1 X Pet Safety Seat Dog Booster Seat
1 X Strap

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Pet Dog Grooming Table,Professional Foldable Pet Beauty Desk Stainless Steel Frame Anti-Slip Anti-Rust-BLACK,

-Stainless steel foldable beauty table with metal mesh frame and two-breaking adjustment bracket.
-This beauty salon is suitable for pet grooming tables for home and professional beauty. The stainless steel material makes it light and strong.
-The table top is made of an MDF panel combined with a non-slip rubber surface.
-One of the edging is a durable aluminum alloy material with a one-piece bracket to keep pets in beauty

Product description:
-Colour: BLACK
-folding beauty table large
-Net weight: about 20KG
-Suitable for medium and large dogs
-Bracket: retractable, adjust the height of the upper and lower.
-Slings - a common accessory on the beauty table, used for beauty aids, fixed pets. Also used for standing training of the game dog.
-Wire frame - placed under the beauty table to place items such as beauty tools.
-Material: Easy-folding stainless steel frame and non-slip rubber top, high quality aluminum edge
-Size: 110cm*60cm*65cm
-load capacity 130kg

Features: non-slip, wear-resistant, hygienic, easy to clean, no rust
Design: Adjustable arm, rugged, mesh tray for storage accessories and tools
Application: It is very suitable for dog grooming, trimming, beauty, drying and other purposes for professional pet groomers or families.


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