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Baby Gate Playard Adjustable Play-Pen Safety Fence/Guard Adjustable 5-Panel Metal Play Yard for Toddler/Pet/Dog Ch - L

Keep your child safe and secure in this play yard. This versatile gate can act as an extra-wide gate, a barrier around fireplaces, stoves, Christmas trees or as a freestanding play yard, etc. Adjustable, rotating joints allow you to shape it in countless different ways. The all-steel frame construction provides strength and support that you can trust and depend on to keep your child safe.

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Pet Playpen
The 5-panel gate can be used as pet playpen, ideal for in-home use as well as outside in your yard. Works great as a puppy playpen or as an exercise area for non-climbing small animals

The panels can pivot over 270 degrees, so you can bend and adjust this gate in any formation to meet the walls in your home or any awkward spaces. Folds up easily for storage.

Walk Through Door
The gate has a walk through the door that swings back and locks in place, and it has a feature that will keep it open when swung past 90 degrees. It is also quiet when closing on its own. No loud clanging. The gate swings in both directions. The door is reversible, it can be set up for right or left hand opening. Powder coated finish extends the life of the gate and provides resistance against rust, corrosion, and fading.

Gate Operation
Constructed of strong steel and Food Grade Plastic. The door has a button that will make it complicate enough for toddlers to figure out how to open the gate thus making it safer to use around a small child. Press the button and lift the gate at the same time to open.

Adjustable Knob
The hinge points have easy to grip knobs to loosen the hinge points for modifying the configuration or folding the unit for storage, or to tighten them down so the unit stays how you want it firmly and strongly.


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