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Brand new Professional Nail Polisher Tools Nail Art File Bits Manicure Kit 35000 RPM 220V Silver Electric Nail Drill Machine

Features for Nail Drill Kit
Professional and portable designed high quality and higher service.
Usages of Nail Drill Kit The polishers produced by our company are stable functioning, high speed, fast polishing, quipped with a headlock .
Combination of fast converting polisher and multi-function power box. It's designed for the polishing of nail , Teeth , moulds, jades, jewellery and other precise polishing.
Different heads are designed to get different polishing effects
Potable polisher: Equipped with fast head-loading mechanism, good locking effective, high speed .low variations, and safety with low voltage machine.
Powerbox: Stable power delivery, overload protection , effective converter, foot push, non-polarized speed adjustment.
Warning: Please keep the equipment dry.

Specification of Nail Drill Kit

Input: 220v 50HZ
Speed: Variable speed reaches as 35,000 RPM
35,000 Rpm of femininity and precision.
TWIST-LOCK GRIP-HANDLE function FWD/REV to control the sense of rotation
Size: H 7 Cm L 12 Cm D 15 Cm
Voltage: 220v 50Hz

Package List for Nail Drill Kit
1 Main machine
1 Handpiece
1 Footswitch
1 Six types of Nail Drill Basic Bits
1 Cup
1 Handpiece support
6 Sanding bands
1 Manual
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