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High Accuracy Diamond Tester Pen Professional Gem Tester for Novice and Expert Digital Accuracy Diamond Tester Selector Gemstone Detector Jewelry Testing Tool Hardness Testers for Gemstone Crystal

Diamond and moissanite tester will indicate genuine diamond or fake
Large / Small switch for testing diamonds +/ - 8 points
To emit sounds to give accurate reading
LCD display & LED indicator. The battery NOT included
Easy to use the diamond tester pen.Diamond indicator will be showed if the stone is a REAL diamond (Green light).If a gemstone is fake crystal, a simulant such as cubic zirconium ( CZ ), will be no reaction

Operating methods
1. Open the power, the power indicator light, instrument began preheating, after a few seconds instrument can be used.
2. Take the naked drill to be tested into support tray appropriate sunken hole, and its mesa upwards. Those already inlay need not put tray hole in, you can use hand to hold it.
3. According to the weight of the tested diamonds and measuring the temperature place to move several bright LEDs
4. Take down needle sheath, handhold instruments, the right index finger touch the conductive plate on the back cover of instrument. To make the probe vertically and gently contact with mesa of measured diamond.
5. Carefully watching the instrument, if the rest of the emitting diode light reflect yellow, when light place moves to nine diodes with accompany beeping, this explains those tested are for real diamonds. On the contrary, if light place moves to insufficient nine diodes, and without accompany beeping, this explains fake diamond or counterfeit.

1pc* diamond tester pen (Battery not included)