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106pcs Cake Decorating Supplies Pieces Kit Baking Tools Turntable Stand Pen Spatula Stainless Icing Tip Set

1. A wide variety of production tools, easy to use
2. Help you make more delicious and beautiful cakes
3. Food grade material production, safe, non-toxic and tasteless

Material: stainless steel + PP + silica gel + TPU + PE
Weight: 890G
Size: 27.5X27.5X7.4cm

Package Contents:
1 x cake turntable
48 x Stainless Icing Tip with 1-48 number
6 x large icing tips with 1-6 Number
1 x 12inch Pastry reusable Bags
1 x 14inch Pastry reusable Bags
1 x Cake Brush
1 x Cake Cutter
1 x Cake Pen
3 x Cake Scrapers
2 x cake nozzles small coupler
1 x cake nozzles large coupler
25 x disposable bag
1 x Icing Spatula (27cm)
1 x Angled Icing Spatula - (27cm )
2 x flower nail
1 x Cake Flower Lifter
12 x cupcake