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Surface Pro 4 Charger 70W 15V 4A Power Supply Adapter for Microsoft Surface Pro 5,Surface Pro 4,Surface Pro 3,Surface Book 1706 Tablet PC with USB Port

70W,15V - 4A Surface Charger Power Supply
Input: 220V,1.5A,50Hz (NZ/AU plug);
Output: 15V - 4A 70W;
USB Porto - 1A 5W.

Made of exquisite quality materials and featuring a safe, heavy - duty and reliable design, our incredible laptop charger will meet or exceed your highest expectations!
Presenting The Ultimate Surface Pro Charger!

Whether you're at work, at school or on a work trip, your Surface Pro is definitely a part of your life. The compact and light - weight design makes it less clumsy than original one, easy to take around for traveling or on the go. This charger for your Surface Tablet will charge your device with speed, precision and most importantly, full protection.

Fully Compatible With The Following Models:
Surface Book 2 13 - inch, 2017, i7 / i5
Surface Laptop, 2017, i5 7200U / i7 7660U
Surface Book, 2015, i5 - 6300U / i7 - 6600U / i7 - 6600U
2017 Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 5, 2017, m3 - 7Y30 / i5 - 7300U / i7 - 7660U
Surface Pro 4 Tablet, 2015, m3 - 6Y30 / i5 - 6300U /i7 - 6650U
Surface Pro 3 Tablet, 2014, i3 - 4020Y / i5 - 4300U / i7 - 4650U
Compatible Models:
Surface pro 7 Charger
Surface pro 6 Charger
Surface pro X Charger
Surface Go/Book/Laptop Charger

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