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New Vintage Decor Craft Chinese Antique Figurines Chess Set Miniature Chess Travel Games Draughts Entertainment Business Gift International Wooden Chess Set Vintage Decor Craft Chinese Antique Figurines Chess Set Wooden Chess Set

This Vintage Style Chess Set (Qin Terracotta) is inspired by the Qin Terracotta army/warriors, and these chessmen was designed according to history and chinese imagination on Qin Dynasty basing on the chess game rule. It may bring you distinct feelings comparing with original chess play. They are made of resin, painting and polish treated. Chess pieces can be stored in the trays under the board, one tray for each side. The chess board table is made of wood with PU leather coated painting and polish treated. This chess set is also a nice gift for chess enthusiasts or a collection.

bstract and creative silent statue made of environmentally friendly materials such as environmentally friendly metal, glass, resin and materials. It has no peculiar smell and is non - toxic and harmless

The new fashion design is designed by experienced artists and craftsmen, and is carefully crafted by experienced experts
Eye - catching details, almost lifelike appearance, fascinating faces and colors will surprise you

Fine workmanship, fine, exquisite, lightweight, easy to carry, a modern minimalist desk decoration, family, room, office, counter decoration, a good gift, suitable for people of any age

* Material: High Quality Wooden, PU Leather and Resin
* Colour: 16 Dark Red Chessmen, 16 White Chessmen
- King: 6.3cm x 2.2cm x 2.2cm;
- Queen: 6cm x 2.2cm x 2.2cm;
- Bishop: 5.7cm x 1.7cm x 1.7cm;
- Knight: 4.6cm x 2.2cm x 2.2cm;
- Rook: 5.1cm x 2.1cm x 2.3cm;
- Pawn: 4.8cm x 2cm x2cm
* Weight: Approx: 3KG

Package Contains:
1 x Vintage Style Chess Set

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