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Brand new Oil Extractor Pump Motor Oil Diesel Extractor Pump Fluid Extractor Oil Transfer 12V Diesel Scavenge Car Suction Fuel Electric Diesel Pump Diesel transfer pump Oil Extractor Pump

The oil - extractor is the ideal equipment for quick and clean ail changes. The oil extractor works by connecting the clamps to the 12V car battery. The oil is simply drawn out the motor through the oil dipstick bore. Please use the extractor exclusively for motor, diesel or heating oil.
6mm external diameter
The connections on the pump are built for hoses of 10mm internal diameter.The external diameter of the suction - probe is 6mm. Therefore the pump can only be used for oil change if the inner diameter of the dipstick tube is bigger than 6mm. The oil - extractor is suitable to pump engine, diesel and heating oil.
Simple operation
Easy to operate.
Powered by electricity, with higher efficiency.
Made of non - toxic materials, corrosion resistant and durable.
Mini size, wont occupy much space. Easy to carry.

Only pump warm motor - oil (40 - 50) do not pump off motor - oil, as long as the motor is running.
The extractor is not suitable for extracting:
1. Water (no lubrication of the pump)
2. Gearbox - oil (too viscous)
3. Easy inflammable liquids (fuel,petrol,etc.)

Type: Oil Extractor Pump
Material: Plastic
Quantity: 1pc
Item Color: As shown
Motor: 12V D.C.
Power Draw: Approx.5A
Sound Pressure Level: 70 dB(A)
Vibration: <2, 5m/s2
Max Flow Rate:
Diesel: Approx.1.1 gal./min.
Motor Oil(100° - 125°F): Approx.0.8 gal./min.
Item Size: 14.1*8.3*13cm / 5.6*3.3*5” (L*W*H)
Suction Probe Diameter: 0.6cm / 0.3”
Hose Diameter: 1cm / 0.4”
Net Weight: 1.054kg / 37.2oz

Packing list
1*Diesel transfer pump
1*Suction probe
1*Suction connector
1*Drain connector
1*English user manual
1*Package box

Brand new 240V 15A 115 PSI 4 Port 1/4 NPT Air Compressor Pressure Automatic Switch


- 100% Brand new Air Compressor Pressure Automatic Switch

- This is a great switch for miniative air compressor.

- It can help to save electric energy of the air compressor.

- Easy to install and convenient to use.

- There is a red ON/OFF switch knob; Auto control, Auto load/unload.

- Four female air inlet ports with approx. 0.4 inch / 11 mm thread diameter.

Product Name Air Compressor Pressure Switch

Type 4 Ports

Max. Voltage 240V

Current 15A

Pressure 115 PSI, 8 Bar

Joint Thread Hole Dia.(Each) 1/4" (NPT)

Hole Dia.(Each) 14.3mm/0.56"

Total Size 12.5 x 8 x 5cm/ 4.9" x 3.1" x 2" (L*W*T)

Button Diameter 2cm/ 0.8"

Material Metal, Plastic

Main Color Black, ReD

Package Includes:

1 x Air Compressor Pressure Automatic Switch
$11.54 $13.27
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Diesel transfer pump 12V 175W Portable Diesel Kerosene Electric Transfer Pump Fluid Extractor DC Single Fuel Pump Assembly 3600R/M 45L/min

Class Leading 45L/M High Flow Rate
Nozzle: Auto Cut - out Trigger fitted in diesel transfer pump
Built to last ultra - fine brass filter
Welded wire and alligator clips
Comes with full set of fitting accessories required for this diesel Transfer pump
Simple assembly and operation required to set up the pump

Power: 175 - 180W
Volltage: 12V DC
Max. Delivery Height for Diesel transfer pump: 15m
Max. Suction: 4m
Self Priming: 2m
Speed: 3600 rev/min
Hose Fitting: 3/4 inch
Diesel transfer pump Power Cable Length: 2m
Inlet hose length: 2m
Outlet hose length: 4m

1 x Diesel transfer pump
1 x Pump Nozzle
1 x Inlet Filter
1 x Alligator Clips


2M Cable Float Water Level Pump Control - Automatic Float Switch Switch Water Level Controller for Tank Pump

Product Name: Float Switch Water Level Controller;
Rated Current/Voltage: AC 10(8A) 250V~10(4A) 380V; Water Level Pump Control - Automatic Float Switch Recommended Voltage: DC 24V

Working Temperature: 0°C~60°C; Control Range: 0.2m; Electrical Endurance: 50,000 times Contacts: NO+NC

Water Level Pump Control - Automatic Float Switch Shape: Round; Cable Length : Water Level Pump Control - Automatic Float Switch 10m; Body Size: 13 x 13 x 5.3cm / 5.1" x 5.1" x 2.1"(L*W*T)

Features and spec

Water Level Pump Control - Automatic Float Switch Rated voltage:220V
Rated current:10A
Rated voltage:380VWater Level Pump Control - Automatic Float Switch
Rated current:4A
Wire Length: 2M
Water Level Pump Control - Automatic Float Switch Protection class:IP68
Diameter of the wire:0.4mm
Power range:<500W
Mechanical endurance:=100,000times
Water Level Pump Control - Automatic Float Switch Electrical endurance:=500,00times

Net Weight :1246g;

Package Content :
1 x Float Switch Water Level Controller Water Level Pump Control - Automatic Float Switch


12V Mini Air Compressor Tyre Inflator 12V 150PSI Car Mini Portable Air Compressor Electric tyre Inflator Powerful Pump

Air Compressor Stability Technology- Audew tyre inflator is Air Compressor featured with four-rod design, effectively reduce the vibration and noise, rubber mat to make sure the air pump stays where it is placed and does not move around Air Compressor during operation.

Air Compressor Long Power Cord&Fast Inflating? - Air Compressor The type of cigarette socket can be inserted directly, 3M line length to Air Compressor facilitate the front and rear tyre inflation. Automatically and rapidly inflated in 3 minutes. One-touch switch Just press start to start work, press close to stop, make Audew air compressor pump convenient to use.

Air Compressor Digital tyre Pressure Gauge&LED Flashlight? - Air Compressor The car tyre compressor built-in digital display and LED light, you can check the tyre pressure at any time and it is also more convenient to use at night.

Air Compressor Feature

Voltage: DC 12V

Power: 150W Air Compressor

Air Flow: 25L/min

Air Compressor Max. Pressure: 150PSI

Wire length:3 M Air Compressor

Tracheal length:53cm

Air Compressor Product Size:20x18x7.5 cm


1. Limited to use within Air Compressor DC 12V 14A power supply, can not be used in 24V, 36V, Air Compressor 110V and 230V household appliances unless with a transformer.

2. Do not touch the pump's metal Air Compressor body when the pump is rotating to avoid burns.

3. Air Compressor Keep the inflating at your sight and attention. Please check the gauge for the pressure and not let the pressure too high.

Package Include:

1 x Tyre Air Pump Air Compressor

3 x Adapters

1 x User Manual
Fuel Pump 12V 175W Portable Diesel Kerosene Electric Transfer Pump Fluid Extractor DC Single Fuel Pump Assembly 3600R/M 45L/min Diesel transfer Fuel Transfer pump

Compatibility Guide

Fuel Transfer Pump 45L/Min Please confirm the Year/Brand/Model of your vehicle and refer to our detailed fitment information on product description page below

Note:Please Ensure Fitment Before Purchase

No Instructions Included. Professional Installation Is Highly Recommended!!!

Pursuing the corporate theme of "quality without defects", product quality is the life of the enterprise.


Model number: 736193

Product name: Portable Electric Vehicle/Car Diesel/Fluid Transfer Pump

Voltage:DC 12V


Max Flow: 45L/minute

Max Suction:5m

Inlet / Outlet port fitting : 3/4"

Speed: 3600R

Max. Lift: 10m

Pump size: 20cm(details as picture show)

Do NOT use with gasoline!


Fuel Transfer Pump 45L/Min Set up in seconds, simple, convenient and easy to use.

Accurate control, auto trigger cut out, works clean and fast.

Built-in Bypass Valve helps to avoid overheat or overload.

2 brass battery clips direct to battery source.

Can be used as a fuel supply device for Fuel Transfer Pump 45L/Min field-working vehicles like engineering vehicles, excavators, bulldozers, road rollers, cement mixers, lifters, trucks, fuel Fuel Transfer Pump 45L/Min compressors, mining machinery and farming machinery. Also ideal for filling or emptying diesel and oil storage tanks.


1. Please don't use it for petrol, Fuel Transfer Pump 45L/Min engine oil, water, flammable or low flash point liquids.

2. Fuel Transfer Pump 45L/Min Please don't use in rainy open air.

3. Please make sure it works with the Fuel Transfer Pump 45L/Min filter.

4. Fuel Transfer Pump 45L/Min Making each continuous using time less than 30min is good for longer lifespan.

Package Includes:

1 x Fuel Transfer Pump 45L/Min

Manual Rotary Drum Pump,Removable Aluminum Alloy Hand Pump, Oil Pump Fuel Transfer Rotary Manual Oil Pump - 50L/Min for Gasoline, Diesel, Alcohol,

The bottom thread filter is designed with a threaded screen and is tightly fixed to prevent the filter from falling into the oil drum.

- Durable and comfortable hand lever, ergonomically designed, non - slip handle for comfortable grip, long - term use without grinding hands.

- With retractable soft hose, light weight, wave shape, arbitrary telescopic bending adjustment length, easy to operate (28 - 80cm).

- Aluminum alloy sealed suction pipe, high surface hardness, good gloss, not easy to rust, 3 tube design length can be adjusted, not easy to deform.

Material: aluminum alloy
Product model: 25#/32#
Type: Hand shake
Weight: 1.5KG/2KG
Length: 130cm/134cm
Number of oil pipe sections: 3
Extraction capacity: 28L/min; 50L/min
Number of rotations: 70 rpm / 65 rpm
Can pump liquid: lamp oil, light oil, heavy oil


Automatic Pressure Switch for Water Pump

1.Stop and start the pump automatically.
2.Stop the pump in the case of water shortage.
3.After power cut off, it can restart the pump automatically when the power on.
4.Protect the pump from damage caused by overheat.
5.Forced start.

Technical parameters:
Rated Voltage: 110V - 120V 220V - 240V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Max Current: 10A
Staring Pressure: 1.5bar
Max Pressure: 10bar
Max Liquid Temperature: 60°C
Protection Degree: IP65


Brand new 220VV 1.5bar Automatic Water Pump Pressure Controller Electric Electronic Switch Control Water Shortage Protection Auto Pressure Switch Pump Control

100% brand new
Electric switch used in water systems, start and stop the pump automatically.
With water shortage protection (automatically stops if no water is in the pump).
Make the water supply system to maintain a constant pressure.

Electric switch used in water systems, start and stop the pump automatically.
With water shortage protection (automatically stops if no water is in the pump).
Make the water supply system to maintain a constant pressure.
With power - off reset function.
With LED light indication on the controller.
Stable performance, low maintenance, long lifespan.
Completely replace the traditional pump control system composed of pressure switch, pressure tank and check valve, etc.
Rated voltage: 220V AC
Frequency: 50Hz
Max. current: 10A
Max. power: 1.1KW
Starting pressure setting: 1.5bar
Max. working pressure: 10bar
Connection thread: R1"
Protection rating: IP65
Max. working temperature: 60 degree Celsius
Wiring requirement: 7.5 - 9mm
Product size: 23.5 * 17.5 * 17cm / 9.2 * 6.9 * 6.7in
Product weight: 1100g / 2.4lb

Package List:
1 * Automatic Water Pump Pressure Controller


$64.99 $74.74
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Car Air Compressor Inflator Pump Hand-Held EU Electric Charger Digital LCD Bicycles Motorcycles Auto Styling

Specifications Air Compressor:

Plug Standard: US, EU (optional)

Air Compressor Air pump: 19mm Air Cylinder + DC 12 V 540 # Motor Air Compressor

Air Volume: 20 L / MIN

Impact Current: <10A Air Compressor

Air Compressor Working Current: 4-6A

Institution Unit: PSI / BAR / KPA Air Compressor

Working pressure: Air Compressor 0-100PSI

Pump Air Compressor 1 Tire / Time: 5-6 minutes Air Compressor

Power Adapter: DC 12 V 500mA

12V Car Adapter: 3.5 M

Air Compressor Unit Size: 240 * 160 * 82mm / 9.45 * 6.3 * 3.23in

Package Weight: 1050g Air Compressor

Package List(Car Charger,not battery):

1 * Air compressor

1 *Car Charger

1 * Manual

1 * Presta Valve

1 * Ball Needle

1 * Toy Nozzle
portable 12V Air Compressor Car Tyre Inflator Heavy Duty Pump Tire Inflator Car Tool Inflatable Pump With LED Light


Made from high quality metal and rubber, durable and long lasting.

150 PSI mini compressor and fast inflation of tires, rafts and sports equipment.

Little handy unit, great for outdoor sports, camping and much more.

Easy-to-read pressure gauge and easy to use.

10 ft. cord with cigarette lighter plug, great mobility for road-side assistance.


Item Type: Pumps

Item Name: Auto Air Compressor

Package Size: 23* 20 * 15cm

Max Pressure: 150 PSI

Max Current: 15A

Flow Rate: 35L/Min

Workibf Temp:-20 - 80?

Operate Voltage: DC 10-15V

Voltage:DC 12V

Cord Length: 3 Meter

Hose Length: 1 Meter

Package Weight: 1.7kg


1. The machine is not advised to use for large trucks.

2. The car motor should be started before using.

3. It'better to stop a while after inflating for 15 minutes.

4. DC 12V cigarette lighter is the only power inputting.

Packing list:

1Xcar air compressor