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Panasonic LR44 Micro Alkaline Calculator Coin Battery 2 Pcs Pack

Also known as:LR44 A76 AG13 G13A LR44 LR1154 357A SR44 G13, AG13, LR44, L1154, LR1154, 357, SR44, A76, SG13, 303, 303 - 1, V303, D303, SP303, V303, 357, D357, V357, GS14, SR44W, SR44SW, MS76, GP76, V76HS, WS16, 280 - 08, A, SB - A9, S1154, SR1154, SR47, S76E, S06, 1130SO, G13A, RPX675, D76A, V13GA, PX76A, PX675A, GPA76, 1128MP, 1166A, S76.

Panasonic LR44 genuineLR44/A26 2pk 1.5V Micro Alkaline Coin Button Cell Calculator Battery Also Known as AG13, L1154, G13, PX76A, A76, 1166A, RW82, V13GA, GPA76, KA76, LR44BH, LR44EC

Panasonic's Lithium Batteries combine very light weight material with lithium technology, to create a power source suitable for many cameras, as well as other appliances using lithium batteries.

Nominal Voltage : 1.5V

Weight : 20g

Dimensions :Diameter,11.6mm .Height, 5.40mm.

Use for: with toys, calculators, laser pointers, calculators, cameras, clocks, watches, computers, games, digital cameras, camcorders, PDAs, remote controls, electronic instruments, MP3 players, digital voice recorders, blood glucose meters, cholesterol testing meters, LED lights and other electronic appliances.

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20pcs/lot Panasonic LR6 AA 1.5V Industrial Alkaline Battery Toys Primary Dry Batteries For Remote Control Razor MP3

Brand: Panasonic
Model: LR6 AA
Voltage: 1.5V
Size: 14.5 * 50.5mm
Use: Remote Control,Toys,Razor,MP3

20 x Panasonic 1.5V LR6 AA Industrial Alkaline Batteries

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