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Brand new Dry Bag Ocean Pack PVC 15L Muitifunctional Waterproof Dry Bag Durable Ultralight Dry Bag Outdoor Travel Kit Rafting Hiking Kayak Dry Bag Swimming Bag

?- Dry Bag Description:
?-Multi purpose :Waterproof Floating Dry Bag Sack, Dry Bag stores your food, Dry Bag clothing, wallet and Dry Bag other personal items freely.
?- Dry Bag Suitable for kayaking, Dry Bag swimming, Dry Bag boating, canoeing, Dry Bag floating, drifting, fishing, sailing, camping, hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities
?- Dry Bag Portable & adjustable: Dry Bag Adjust the length of you need to Dry Bag make the lightweight bags to be comfortably carried
?- Dry Bag Beautiful and fashionable: Dry Bag The design makes the Dry Bag dry bag a cool look.
?-Easy to wash and durable to use.
?-Durable buckle Dry Bag can fix firmly.
?- Dry Bag With a detachable strap to used as a waist strap Dry Bag or shoulder strap.
?-Compressible and foldable, lightweight,easy to carry, storage, use and cleaning.
?-Material: Professional waterproof design, made of PVC waterproof fabrics, protects your items from dust, water, snow or rain.


?-Shoulder Straps:Single straps
?-Use Size:22×35cm
?-Tiling Size:35×55cm

?-1× Waterproof Bag 15L

Package list:
1 * Waterproof dry bag(Rafting Bag)

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