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Cruzadel Automatic Chicken Drinker Cups, Clean Water Dispenser for Any Breed of Poultry

EASY TO CLEAN AND INSTALL - The drinker cups can be easily installed by threading it on a PVC pipe or even on a container such as buckets, you just need to drill a 3/8" hole. To clean the cup you can easily unmount or disconnect the cup from the drinker thread by turning the orange cup to the left and pulling it down.

INNOVATIVE AND FULLY AUTOMATED - The drinker cup has a yellow trigger that would attract chickens to peck it. When chickens peck that yellow trigger, the valve automatically releases water into the orange plastic cup providing them water.

NO LEAKS - The cup won't release water until the chicken pecks the yellow trigger, Releases only just enough water for the flocks to consume. Doesn't waste or spill water out of the cup due to the triggers lock and release function.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - The Cruzadel Automatic Chicken Drinker Cup 1 Pack comes with 1 drinker cups. It is manufactured and assembled using high grade materials to ensure the product is built to last.


- 5 x automatic drinker cups