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Go Cart Wheels 26cm PU Tyre & Wheel 10 Inch 3.00-4 3.50-4 Tyre Puncture Proof Solid Wheelbarrow Cart 26cm Wheel Puncture Proof Solid Go Cart Wheels 26cm Wheelbarrow Cart Tire

Heavy duty PU wheel for Go Cart Wheels 26cm wheelbarrows, trolleys and carts.

Go Cart Wheels 26cm Inside the tyre is solid foam which makes the wheel tyre combo puncture proofComplete with rim and bearings.

This tyre does not require an inner tube and is not serviceable,

simply replace when requiredIndustrial grade wheel and tyre Go Cart Wheels 26cm for commercial Go Cart Wheels 26cm applications.

Go Cart Wheels 26cm Not suitable for highway use.

No assembly or strip down of old wheel required, Go Cart Wheels 26cm simply replace the old wheel for this new oneA Petrolscooter Go Cart Wheels 26cm manufactured and branded part

Hub Type: Classic
Tyre Size: 3.00 - 4
Colour: Red
Tread Pattern / Type: Tarmac
Road Legal?: No
Inner Diameter of Axle Hole: 20.7 mm / 0.81 inches
Tyre Outer Diameter: 260 mm / 10.24 inches
Length of Central Hole: 75 mm / 2.95 inches
Tyre Width: 74.05 mm / 2.92 inches
Length of Hub: 120 mm / 4.72 inches
Maximum Load: 136 kg
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