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  • +++10.99+++6.99+++8.99+++9.99+++computers+++headsets-microphones+++kogan+++microphones+++music-instruments+++pa-pro-audio-dj-equipment+++peripherals+++
  • +++10.99+++6.99+++8.99+++9.99+++computers+++headsets-microphones+++kogan+++microphones+++music-instruments+++pa-pro-audio-dj-equipment+++peripherals+++

Microphone Boom Arm Adjustable Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand Microphone, durable steel compact microphone stand for sound studio radio stations, stages, and TV stations Microphone Boom Arm

Please Note: Max. Microphone Clip Diameter is 1.26 "; Microphone Boom Arm and Filter Shield Mask not included; Holder is not fit for Blue Yeti USB Microphone.

- The adjustable black scissor arm bracket is made of high quality steel, plastic, microphone clip (included), robust and durable.
- Foldable type, comfortable to carry. Adjustable arms allow you to easily carry and adjust the proper angle and height to show your perfect voice.
- It can be mounted on the tabletop presenter with the clamp mounting table (included).
- Compact microphone stand designed for heavy duty load. Suitable for any shops, families, stages, studios, radio and television stations, etc. - - Completely flexible, firmly connect the microphone anywhere. Please Note: Please Microphone Boom Arm check the video before use, which is very essential.

Please note the following:

Microphone Boom Arm The holder is not suitable for Blue Yeti USB microphone.

- Maximum diameter of microphone clip is 1.26 ".
- Filter and mask shielded microphone not included.

(1) Microphone Scissor Arm Bracket (BLACK) + (1) Table Mount Clamp (BLACK):

- Ideal for radio broadcast studio, sound studio voice, stage, and television stations etc. You can not miss it!
- The arm support is equipped with a PVC spring, so it can support much more weight.
- Your microphone is held securely and firmly in this clip-on microphone boom arm.
- Microphone Boom Arm Double-armed arms increase strength. approximately 31.5 ".

Max load: 4.4 lbs approx
Material: steel.
Color: black.

(1) standard microphone clip (plastic / black):
- A standard microphone clip for mounting most standard-size handheld microphones.

Package content:
1 x Black Microphone Scissor Arm Stand Microphone Boom Arm
1 x Black Table with Mounting Clamp
1 x Black Microphone Clip


Heavy-Duty Desktop Microphone Stand

Desktop microphone stands capable of carrying one Mic either wire or wireless hand-held microphone. Good for conference room table, small children singing, Interview, or you can use it for musical instruments such as Drum band, etc. It allows you to position your microphone at the right height and distance.

- Rotates 360º
- Professional Broadcast Microphone stand
- Metal construction, sturdy and durable
- Stable, Tough, and Affordable
- Easily to mount on your desk
- Ideal for radio broadcasting studio, voice-over services & audio recording studios
- A standard microphone clip to mount any standard-sized hand-held microphone

- Product: Desktop Microphone Stand
- Material: Metal and Plastic
- Rotates 360º
- Color: Black
- Weight: 1.3kg
- Base Diameter: 130mm
- Base Tube Diameter: 20mm
- Max. Height: 70cm (when the rotating rod is vertical)
- Base Height: 25-35cm (without the top rod)
- Top Rod Size: 36cm

Package Includes:
1 x Desktop Microphone Stand
1 x Microphone Holder

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Wireless Microphone Automatic FM Frequency 2 in 1 Wireless Microphone and Wired

This Wireless Microphone has aluminum-zinc alloy pipe body, anti-collision steel mesh;
Advanced dynamic microphone Wireless Microphone core, heart-shaped pointing;
Real reproduction of human voice, high school bass balance;
Gift box packaging
Wireless Microphone This Wireless Microphone Carrier frequency: FM108-118MHZ
Frequency stability: <±30ppm
Frequency response: 40Hz -15kHz±3dB
This Wireless Microphone Audio Wireless Microphone output: freestanding Wireless Microphone 0-±400mV
Hybrid 0-±200mV

Wireless Microphone Receiver
Uses power supply voltage: 1.5V battery Wireless Microphone
Power consumption: 0.5W
Wireless Microphone Receiving sensitivity: 22dBu

Handheld Wireless microphone
Transmit power: 15mW
Modulation mode: FM
Modulation: ±25kHz
Use voltage: 1.5V battery

Package Content:

1X Microphone's Wireless Receiver

1X Microphone Cord

1X Microphone Wireless antenna

1X User Manual

1X Wireless Microphone


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Tripod Boom Microphone Stand - Height-Adjustable with Metal Base - 132CM

Tripod boom microphone stand for holding a mic in place—great for on stage or in a studio
Height adjustable from 3.3 to 5.6 feet; locking clutch ensures secure placement
Die-cast metal tripod base with scratch-resistant, powder-coated black finish; sturdy yet lightweight and portable
Compatible with 132cm; clip-on cable holder prevents cords from getting in the way; microphone clip/holder sold separately

Adjustable Height
Use the tripod mic stand for vocals or instruments. Simply raise or lower as needed to accommodate different users and set-ups. The mic stand’s locking clutch ensures secure placement.

Durable Design
The AmazonBasics boom mic stand’s die-cast metal legs provide reliable base support, while its scratch-resistant, powder-coated black finish offers long-lasting strength, plus coordinates easily with other equipment. For added convenience, the mic stand’s clip-on cable holder keeps unruly cords contained and out of the way.

Tripod Adjustable-Height Boom Microphone Stand
Hold a microphone securely in place with help from this AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand. Whether performing, recording, or rehearsing, the lightweight yet sturdy, portable mic stand functions well on stage or in a studio. It makes an excellent choice for any busy musician.

The tripod mic stand works with a microphone clip,

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Microphones Easy Plug & Play USB Condenser Computer Microphone USB Microphone for Computer, PC Gaming Recording Condenser Microphone Tripod Stand and Pop Filter for Skype, Streaming, Podcasting, Google Voice Search, Gaming -Windows / Mac

USB Microphone is a desktop polar pattern USB computer microphone that provides superior audio quality at a reasonable price. Equipped with patented audio pop filter and metal tripod, focus on your voice and ignore the surrounding noise. This enables clear audio rendering.USB Microphone is compatible with all computer brands and the installation is very simple: just plug it in and use it.

Bright & clear
USB Microphone uses a patented audio filter to focus on your voice and suppress surrounding noise, presenting a clear effect. With USB Microphone, your friends and colleagues will never complain about the noise from the microphone. The gear also provides explosion-proof filters. USB Microphone is the embodiment of all affordable high-quality microphones.

Simple and versatile
Combine efficiency and ease of use. You only need to connect the USB Microphone to your computer via a USB socket and it will work immediately.

Heart-shaped polar pattern
The USB condenser microphone is suitable for the computer to capture your voice, producing clear, smooth and crisp sound without static noise. Ideal for gamers / streaming enthusiasts, you can isolate the sound from the main source and separate them from any background noise.

Unique double-layer filter
Foldable metal tripod, shock-absorbing bracket with metal gooseneck 360 adjustable connection to windshield to meet your needs for various applications. The double-layer mesh screen can eliminate problematic tracks, avoid distortion, provide clean and professional recording, and improve the sound of your recording. No matter what method is used, USB Microphone will become an ideal partner around you.


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USB Microphone Professional USB Microphone Condenser Microphone USB + 1 Microphone Shock Mount + 1 Ball Foam Windproof Stopper + 1 Power Cable, Microphone For PC MAC Laptop Notebook Skype

Chip preamp professional, via control knob can be amplified 25 USB Microphone times the volume of the USB Microphone , it is no longer the condenser microphone with low noise the sound card appears a situation

no driver USB Microphone installation required, no Committee, bulky, even inexperienced users can also use the bm-100fx for fast recording

Supports mixer with USB terminal, requires no power supply, USB Microphone talk, etc 48 V phantom power supply

Connectors are designed as a standard 3.5 mm microphone input connectors without conversion, plug USB Microphone and play

Fully Doll of the USB Microphone sponge wind and easy configuration of the desktop stand and other accessories, more convenient to use

Professional + 1 USB condenser microphone Microphone Shock Mount + 1 cap ball USB Microphone of foam microphone wind + 1, Power Cable for PC MAC Laptop Notebook Skype
1. USB Microphone Plug and play: work with Windows and Apple Mac and without the need to install any software.
2. Distinctive kidney Features: Noise Cancellation and isolation of the USB Microphone sound source more important
3. Sleek design: Metal construction of the black aluminum alloy Durable and sexy one aspect of the mesh of USB Microphone silver plate
4. The Recordable volume button on the USB Microphone microphone makes you a perfect voice volume for recording or the song.
Paper USB Microphone Free Audio \ free 48 V phantom power \ Application \ with reverb, volume adjustment

1 * USB Microphone
1 * Shock Mount
1 * 6.0 * 2.5 m beer USB Microphone 3.5 plug line recording of wheat
1 * Manual
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Condenser Microphone Professional Cardioid Mic Bundle for Pc/Laptop Recording Studio YouTube Podcast Vocal Broadcasting Gaming with Scissor Arm Stand Shock Mount and Pop Filter (Silver)

Excellent sound quality - The condenser microphone with Professional cardioid pickup pattern can reduce the background noise from the sides and rear for an unparalleled sound experience

Wide Range of Applications - A new upgrade microphone kit, based on the original condenser microphone, we have improved its performance, now it can provide better sound for studio recording, vocals, instruments, podcasts, etc

Complete Mic Set - The condenser microphone kit includes a cardioid condenser microphone, shock mount, pop filter, adjustable suspension scissor arm, windproof bubble cap, power cord, sound card, and a user manual

Adjustable Suspension Scissor Arm
The size of the microphone power arm is 13.7In, and the angle can be adjusted to 180 degrees. Two knobs for adjustment are included on the arm to adjust the angle of the mic clip and the arm, which is convenient for selecting and adjusting the most suitable recording position during use.

Pop Filter
The double-layer filter design is adopted to efficiently reduce the plosive, wind interference, saliva spraying during your recording or broadcasting, get a clear and loud sound.

Shock Mount
professional ALL-METAL suspension shock mount isolates most studio condenser mics from physical vibration, floor, and stand noise.

The thickness that the fixture can bear is 1.44In that it can effectively fix the microphone on the table for use easily.


MICROPHONE As Seen on TV - Wireless Microphone Wireless Karaoke Microphone, Portable Handheld Rechargeable Karaoke Speaker Machine for Boys Girls Kids Singing, Compatible with iPhone Android PC

ONE ULTIMATE MIC – Mr. Microphone is a cordless Wireless Microphone karaoke microphone and Wireless Microphone portable music studio that allows you to sing like a superstar for hours anytime, anywhere while streaming your favorite songs from your favorite karaoke apps.

MULTI-FUNCTION KARAOKE MACHINE – Wireless Microphone Wireless, portable, lightweight microphone with built-in amplified speaker allows you to connect with devices including Android, iOS, PC laptops, and Wireless Microphone sing along with your favorite apps such as YouTube, Pandora, etc.

HIGH END EFFECTS AND FEATURES – Mr. Microphones karaoke mic Wireless Microphone puts creative control in your hands with professional studio effects like Voice Enhancer, Bender and Echo. Record yourself Wireless Microphone singing then play it back using Studio Reverb and Pitch Effects.

RECORD SAVE AND REPLAY - Amaze your friends Wireless Microphone and sing along with your
Wireless Microphone favorite songs for hours with a rechargeable battery lasting up to 5 hours. No internet? Just load up an SD Card or USB Stick and take your favorite music on the road.

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Output Wattage: 5W * 2
Frequency Response Range: 100Hz ~ 10KHz
Maxiumum Sound Pressure Level: 115dB 1KHz THD<1%
Reverberation: Echo Sound
Bluetooth Version:Bluetooth 4.0
Battery Capacity: 1800mAh
Battery Life: 5-8 Hours
Charging: DC 5V / 1A
Charging Time: 3~5 Hours

The package includes:
1x microphone
1x charging cable
1x instruction manual


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