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Brand new Car Humidifier Air Purifier DC 12V Mini Portable Car Steam Aroma Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Mist Maker Mini Fogger Humidifier for car Car Humidifier Air Freshener Aroma diffuser car humidifier essential oil diffuser

New Design MINI Car Humidifier
Auto Mini Car Humidifier Air Purifier Freshener Travel Car Portable
Compact and lightweight, this personal humidifier offers portability that is perfect for travel use.
Save energy, convenient to use.
Automatic water protection with a stable and reliable system that allows you to easily enjoy intelligent life
It can increase the humidity of the air, reducing dust and bacteria.
180-degree rotation to make full humidification.
You can drop the aroma oil(not include) into the water to make the air fresher.

Basic Informations:
Item Name:Car Aromatherapy Humidifier
Material: ABS,PP
Water capacity:50ml
Spray volume:25ml/hours
Working time:Automatic power off after 2 hours

Color Note:- Light Pink, Light Purple, Light Green, Light Blue.

Notice for humidifier
Use Humidifier when the car is turned on
Don't use Humidifier for lack of water
Working temperature:0-45 degree
Keep it away from children
Clean the water and put the product in a dry environment when you don't use

Package List:
1 x Car Humidifier
1 x Sponge(Spare Part)
1 x User Manual

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Universal Oil Change Filter Cap Wrench Cup Socket Tool Set (14PCS/Set)

Oil Filter Wrench Kit includes 14pcs cups 3/8" Ratschen adapter plastic mold carry case
An essential and quality item for all Oil Filter Wrench mechanics and car enthusiasts

Similar in quality and function to Snap-on and Lisle at A fraction of the price
HC-65/14 65mm (2-9/16") -14 flutes -1 slep Fits Nissan Fiat Champ Hastings. GM/AC Wix NAPA Purolator Diahatsu Toyota filters.
HC-68/14 68mm (2-11/16") -14 flutes -1 step Fits Hastings. Oil Filter Wrench Mazda Ford Escort Capri Subaru Fran PH6607 (those Fram filters made in Korea). Motorcraft FL816 filters.
HC-73/14 73mm (2-7/8") -14 flutes -1 step Fits Toyota/Lexus filters.
HC-74/76 74 to 76mm (2-29/32 to 3") -15 flutes - 2 step Fits Ford Opel VW. Audi. Mercedes Fram AC Saturn filters.
HC-76/14 76mm (3") -'14 flutes -1 step Fits Audi Opel Champion Champ lee Purolator Mopar VW Porsche Mercedes BMW filters.
HC-80/15 80mm (3-9/64") -15 flutes -1 step Fits Opel Hastings. Fram Purolator Nissan Honda. Motorcraft Mazda Isuzu Subaru filters.
HC-93/36 93mm (3-21/32") - 36 flutes -1 step Fits Ford Motorcraft only-FL1 A FL.A1 B.FL300 FL820 filters.
HC-65/67 65-67mm (2-9/16" to 1-21/32") -14 flutes - Oil Filter Wrench 2 step Fits Daihatsu Toyota same filters as No. 785. plua also fits those Fram filters made in Canada including PH4386. PH4967. PH6017. PH 6018.
HC-80/82 80-82mm (3-9/64" to 3-7/32") -15 flutes - 2 step Fits Wix filters branded for: Maxda. Subaru. Toyota. Honda.
Acura. Nissan. NAPA.
Oil Filter Wrench HC-90/15 90mm (3-17/32") -15 flutes -1 step Fits Honda Accord. Mitsubishi. Mopar. Isuzu filters.
HC-75/77 75-77mm (2-15/16" to 3-1/32") -15 flutes - Oil Filter Wrench 2 step Fits VW Audi Mercedes Opel Casite GM/AC Hastings. Wix. NAPA Ford. Isuzu filters.
HC-76/30 76mm (3") - 30 flutes -1 step Fits Motorcraft only-FL400A.
HC-100/15 100mm (4") -15 flutes -1 Oil Filter Wrench step Fits Fram Motorcraft Wix Isuzu and Mitsubishi filters.

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