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Power Floss Dental Water Flosser Jet Oral Cleaner Brand new Portable Power Floss Dental Water Jet Cords Tooth Pick Braces No Batteries

Water flosser Portable water Power Floss Dental Water Jet Cords Power Floss Tooth Pick Braces No Batteries
Power Floss :
100% brand new & Power Floss high quality
Power Floss Water Flosser Color:as the Power Floss picture show
Power Floss Water Flosser Material:Power Floss plastic
Style:Hand Press

Water Flosser Power Floss Package Content:
1x Water Flosser Dental Power Floss Water Jet
1 x English Manual



Waterpurse Dental Flosser Oral Dental Irrigator Water Flosser Water Floss Tooth Pick Dental Water Jet Oral Irrigation

Teeth Cleaner Dental Care Water Jet Oral Irrigator Water Flosser Oral Irrigator Electric Water Jet Flosser Teeth Cleaner Water Flosser 5 tips
Water pulse V300G Oral Irrigator 5pcs Tips Dental Water Flosser Water Floss 800ml Oral Hygiene Dental Flosser Water Flossing V700

About V700:

V700 Water Flosser powers away plaque and debris between teeth and below the gumline. 10 water pressure settings let you customize gentle - to - deep cleansing. 5 unique tips clean in specialized ways, while a spacious 800ml reservoir reduces the need for refills.


Voltage: 220V

Water Flosser Frequency: 50HZ

Input Power: 12W

Water Flosser Hydraulic Pressure: 20 - 120PSI

Mode: 10 level pressure setting

Tank Capacity: 800ml

Colour: Green Blue Violet

5 Tips Set Package Included:

1 x Oral Irrigator

5 x Water Flossing Tips

1 x NZ Adapter

1 x English Manual