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A4 Full Page Led Lighted Magnifier 3x Magnification Hands-Free Magnifying Glass Desktop Foldable Rectangular Distortion-Free Magnifying Lens with Neck Cord for Reading Fine Print Craft Knitting Sewing

High-quality PVC lens, distortion-free. Size: 27cm x 20.5cm x 110cm, A4 size full page provides a large viewing and no need to move your hands frequently
4 stand legs of the magnifier can be folded, portable and easy to storage, with neck cord design, it can be used as a desktop magnifier or a hanging magnifier according to your needs
The 4 bright LED lights of the magnifying glass provide a better light at dim conditions
Powered by 2 AAA batteries (Not Included)
Excellent tool for reading newspaper, magazines and maps, making handicraft, repairing gadgets, knitting, sewing, or embroidery or any other hobbies, which is precision. A great gift for those who vision is aging or people who're eyesight is poor


Product Name: A4 Full Page Magnifier
Material: Plastic + PVC Lens
Magnification: 3x
Light: 4 LED lights Power Supply£º2 AAA batteries (Not Included)
Weight: 305gr

Why you need our A4 full page magnifier?

- Quality PVC lens, distortion-free, giving you a more clearly and larger viewing
- A4 full page lens, large viewing area, no need to move your hands frequently
- Neck cord design, hands-free
- With 4 led lights, provide a better light at dim conditions
- Magnifier legs is foldable, easy storage and portable to carry with


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Brand new Wireless Home Weather Station Indoor Outdoor Digital LED Thermometer Hygrometer Barometer Alarm Clock Temperature Sensor Meter

Weather Station Features:
* Indoor humidity (%RH)
* Wireless outdoor and indoor temperature (°F or °C)
* Records min. and max. humidity
* Records min. and max. temperature
* Forecast icons based on changing barometric pressure
* Time zone setting
* 12 or 24-hour time display
* Perpetual calendar
* Time alarm
* Can receive up to 3 sensors
* LED Green backlight
* Wall hanging or free standing
* Included transmitter WH3
* Synchronized instant reception
* Low power consumption (over 2 years of battery life for remote sensor)

Weather Station Specification:

Outdoor Remote sensor:
Transmission distance in open dield: 100M Max
Frequency: 433Mhz
Temperature range: -40°C to +60°C
Resolution: 0.1°c
Measuring interval remote sensor: 48sec
Power by: 2x AAA Battery (Not included)
Indoor LCD pannel:
Pressure/temperature:48 sec
Indoor temperature range:-9.9°c to +60°c
Measuring range rel.humidity:20%-99%
Alarm duration:120sec
Power by: 2x AA Battery (Not included)

Weather Station Package Content :
1x Wireless weather station
1x Remote sensor
1x Instruction manual

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Step Down Transformer Brand new 500W Voltage Converter,110V/220V to 220V/110V

Voltage Converter Transformer Power Inverter NZPlug, Step Down Transformer Electrical Power Step Up and Down Transformer Heavy Duty Step down Transformer

Step Down Transformer ?Stable performance?:Stable performance, simple operation, reliable circuit. Step Down Transformer You will never damage your appliance by using this powerful transformer.

?Premium material?:High quality material and stable coil can offer you a safe, Step Down Transformer reliable, affordable and convenient solution convert voltages.
?Attractive Advantage?:Step Down Transformer Low energy consumption for long time using.High performance,heavy duty and super strong.The transformer works without any annoying buzzing noise is more convenient.

?Step Down Transformer Wide Fuction?:It supports single phase dual step up or step down function

?Easy Operation?:Safety switch with indicator lamp to power on / Step Down Transformer off,it is easy to operate.

Plug:NZ Plug Step Down Transformer
Step up: 110V to 220V
Step Down Transformer Step down: 220V to 110V
Max rating: 500W
Color: Black Step Down Transformer
Length: Approx. 19cm / 7.48inch
Width: Approx. 16cm / 6.3inch
Step Down Transformer Weight: Approx. 3512g

1.The transformer Step Down Transformer works without any annoying buzzing noise is more convenient.
2.Stable performance, simple operation, reliable circuit.
3.You'll find two outlets on the front of the device, including one 220-volt outlets Step Down Transformer and one 110-volt outlets.
4.Safety switch with indicator lamp to power on / off.
5.Step Down Transformer High quality material and stable coil can offer you a safe, reliable, affordable and convenient solution convert voltages.

Package Included:
1 x Voltage Converter with nz plug

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Power 1000 Watt Voltage Converter Transformer - Heavy Duty Step Up/Down

1000Watts Heavy Duty Step Up/Down Voltage Transformer Converter. Step Up Voltage Step Down Transformer from 110-120 Volts to 220-240 Volts. Step Down Transformer from 220-240 Volts to 110-120 Volts.

High-quality Professional MSKJ Step up/down Step Down Transformer 1000W Converter with good cost performance

Technical Details Transformer:

Transformer Brand: MSKJ Transformer

Colour: Black

Voltage ratio:220V/110V Transformer

Insulation grade:B

Level of protection: Transformer IP32

Transformer Rated power: 1000W

Output: 1 x 110V, 1X 220v


Protection: Fuse protector & Overcurrent protector

We also stock 200W/300W/500W/1000W/2000W/3000W Step Down Transformer please inquire to check the availability for transformers.

It is an alternating current voltage conversion device. All electrical equipment can be safely used at rated power. Our Step Down Transformer converts With NZ standard Plug.

Package included:
1 X Step Down Transformer 1000W