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Portable Powerfull Car Vacuum Cleaner DC 12V Mini Auto Wet/Dry Cleaning Equippment Household Cleaning Supplies

Powerful wet-dry vacuum: Thanks to powerful 96W motor, the wet/dry car vacuum provides strong suction.
Application: It cleans up all kinds of car and household messes, boats, upholstery, inflate mattresses and inflatable toys, etc.
90cm flexible hose: With a 90cm long flexible hose allowing you to reach any awkward areas in your car.
Plug and plasy: Directly attached to car cigarette lighter, you could have an amazing experience of an easy and hassle-free cleaning process.
Complete accessories: Complete with convenient attachment and washable filter.

Give a best companion for your car with our portable vacuum cleaner.
Multifunction wet & dry auto vacuum.
It is detachable, easy cleaning, reusable and durable to use.
Compact, handy and lightweight.

Color: black&red, black&yellow
Material: ABS
Size: 7.48'' x 9.06''
Package Size: 240*240*270MM
Voltage: 12V
Power: 96W

Package Included:
1 x Car Vacuum Cleaner with 12V lighter plug
1 x Vacuum Hose
1 x Crevice Attachment
1 x Brush Attachment
1 x Nozzle Attachment


Baseus Car Vacuum, Cordless Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power for Quick Car Cleaning, DC 15V Portable Auto Vacuum Cleaner(Black)

Strong Suction:
Made from aircraft-used alloy and boasting the patented design ensures strong suction output. The duct design ensures duct smoothness and great absorbing pressure. Made from aircraft-used alloy and boasting the patented design ensures a strong suction output. Voltage: 15V MAX PLEASE NOTE: There is insufficient USB voltage for the car, so it needs to be charged normally using the 3.0 car charger.

Portable & Cordless:
Without cords, it can be moved anywhere. At the same time with various cleaning heads, can clean anywhere, such as car seat aperture, car dashboard, air vent, the sofa of the gap in the home, the blind angle, etc.

Easy to Wash:
Stainless steel metal cover + quick-drying non-woven fabric + blasting sponge enable the vacuum cleaner to be durable, rust-free, washable and quick-drying.

Long Battery Life:
Equipped with three 18650 batteries, the vacuum cleaner can run for over 21 minutes while providing robust absorbing pressure.

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