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82 PCS Wood Burning Kit,

82 in 1 tools bag
Power: 60W
Voltage: 220V - 230V
Temperature Adjustment Range: 200 - 450
Temperature error: Ä‚‚±20

Rapid temperature rise and a temperature control:
High quality 60W heated ceramic technology quickly heats wood burning kit in 15 seconds, saving energy and environmental protection. With 37 different welding embossing tips and accessories, it can be easily used for wood burning beginners, experienced and experts. Variable temperature and temperature range from 200Ä‚‚°C to 450Ä‚‚°C allows you to control the heat of any project. Do not apply excessive pressure during use.

Ergonomic design:
The lightweight, ergonomic handle of the burning set allows you to operate at different angles without fatigue. The high - temperature protective case protects you from working on the pyrography project for hours without sweating.

Artistic creation:
The perfect wood kit burning not only allows you to create on all types of wood or leather but also is most useful for various designs such as image transfer, formwork cutting, welding, hot stamping and textile embossing.

Portability and storage:
The wooden engraving tool comes with a high - quality zippered purse that can store all the parts without loss or damage and is easy to carry.

1. The tool must be switched off and cooled down before replacing the tips.
2. Never touch the barrel or tip when the item is working.
3. Keep it away from children.
4. Use it in a well ventilated space.

Pyrography packaging:
1 „‚ pyrotechnic wood pen,
17 „‚ assorted wood and tip,
13 „‚ assorted wood carving tips,
5 „‚ assorted wood embossing tips,
2 „‚ hot knife chuck,
2 „‚ blade,
12 „‚ mold,
12 x color pencil,
10 x Carbon Paper,
6 x wood chips,
1 x Wood Kit Burning Pen Holder,
1 x carrying case
$63.99 $73.59
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Coax Crimper, RG6 Coax Cable Crimper Coaxial Compression Tool Set Kit, Wire Stripper with F RG59 Included Compression Connectors, Tools, Rotary Stripper

ANTI-SLIP HANDLE: Made of soft rubber material to increase friction, make it more comfortable when using, you can lock the handle by the net clamp to protect compression tool after using. It's convenient to carry and has a long service life.

?PERFECT COMPRESSION EFFECT: High quality crimping tool can precisely extrusion the F connectors, work with connects RG-6,and RG-59 RG-58 compression connectors etc.

?HIGH PRECISION CONNECTOR: Use with R59 and RG6 coaxial type cable. Made of high precision hardness steel material, the perfect connection of the RG6 male connectors and female to female connectors, which is anti-corrosion nickel-plated, perfect for use.

?ONE TIME PEELING: Equipped with hexagonal tools can adjust the depth of the v-shaped incision, 3 to 6 Clockwise circle, one-time peeling, keep inner core.

3 in 1 Universal compression/crimping tool-Its good choice for your daily life. Buy now and enjoy your coaxial cable crimper using experience with our coaxial cable tool!


EASY TO HOLD --Handle place made of special soft rubber material, which is non- slip and more comfortable to use.

LONG SERVICE LIFE --High precision hardness tool steel material, which is light and convenient to carry and has a long service life.

ADJUSTABLE WIRE STRIPPING PLIERS --Adjustable wire stripping pliers, head can rotate and adjust into four kinds of coaxial cables.

ONE-TIME PEELING --Equipped with hexagonal tools to adjust the incision depth, turn clockwise 3-6 circles to realize one-time peeling and keep the inner core completely.

Package Included:

1 x RG6 Coax Cable Crimper

1 x Wire Strippers

10 x F Heads
$30.24 $34.78
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