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Reflector Astronomical Telescope


But we aren't just talking Astronomical Telescope about extra accessories, we do the job properly! The following 31.7mm (1.25) extra accessories are all part of our Big-Pack. Whereas you usually have to spend a lot of extra money for them with other manufacturers, there is not a penny extra to be paid with us.

The added 31.7mm (1.25) Moon Filter reduces the Moon's glare. This is produced by reflected sunlight and normally washes out most of the craters and other surface details from view.

The additionally supplied 31.7mm (1.25) Barlow Lens enables a doubling of the magnification of the inserted eyepiece.

Astronomical Telescope The 31.7mm (1.25) 1,5x Erecting Eyepiece produces an upright and side correct image. This is of particular importance for terrestrial viewing, because usually the image would appear upside down in an astronomical telescope.


Material Aluminum,ABS plastic,Rubber,Optical glass

Aperture 76mm

Astronomical Telescope Focal Length 700mm

Faintest discernable stars 12.0M (over 1,000,000 Stars visible)

Dawes Limit :1.9 arc-seconds Astronomical Telescope

Focal Ratio:1:9

Eyepieces:31.7mm (1.25inch)

Astronomical Telescope Zoom Eyepiece:Steplessly adjustable focal length 7.5mm - 22.5mm

Zoom Eyepiece:31.7mm (1.25inch) socket

Zoom Eyepiece:outfitted with a thread for screwing on filters

Magnification normal:4mm/175x, 6mm/117x, 12.5mm/56x, 20mm/35x Astronomical Telescope

Magnification with Barlow-Lens :4mm/350x, 6mm/234x, 12.5mm/112, 20mm/70x

Magnification with the erecting eyepiece (terrestrial viewing) 4mm/262.5x, 6mm/175.5x, 12.5mm/84x, 20mm/52.5x

Astronomical Telescope Magnification with Zoom Eyepiece:31x to 93x

Magnification with Zoom Eyepiece and Barlow-Lens: 62x to 186x

agnification with Zoom Eyepiece and erecting eyepiece: 46.5x to 139.5x

Mount:azimuthal mount

Weight:About 5kg
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