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Brand New Xbox 360 Gaming Controller For Xbox 360 XBOX 360 Slim PC Windows 7 10 / XP USB Gaming Controller XBox 360 Controller

100% Brand new and high quality XBox 360 Controller
The Xbox 360 Controller features an extended nine - foot cable and an improved ergonomic design
Compact ergonomics accommodate players of all sizes and allow comfortable extended game play
This game controller for PC, computer, the laptop makes your games more realistic that you will feel every crash, hit, explosion, and more with its dual vibration feedback motors.
Add a thrilling dimension to your PC games with dual vibration feedback motors.
Feels great in your hands and gives you all the controls you need to dominate the competition.
Ideal design for playing your lovely game in an easy way
Looks like an Xbox 360 controllers for playing PC games
Comfortable handgrip for a long time playing
A perfect item for PC game users and lovers
Integrated headset port for Xbox Live play

Color: Black,

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Package Contents:
1 x Xbox 360 Gaming Controller USB Gaming Controller XBox 360 Controller